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ProForm 725TL

The ProForm 725 TL is an oldie but a goodie. If space is a problem for you, then the ProForm 725TL is the answer. It has one of the most compact designs ever seen for a treadmill. Even with this compact design, ProForm was able to offer all the things people are looking for in a simple treadmill such as the ability to incline, pre-programmed workouts, and an interesting pulse rate monitor headband that you had to rub your forehead to jumpstart. You may not be able to find the headband, and unfortunately, this would negate the use of the pulse rate monitor, which wasn't very stylish anyway.

After reading some other online reviews for this treadmill, I couldn't help but notice that this treadmill was stated to be good for home or commercial use. While ProForm is a big name in the industry and they make a good home treadmill, this model is not good for commercial use, and anyone in a commercial environment will tell you the same thing. Considering the Pro Form 725TL has been discontinued for some time now, you probably won't find this model anywhere other than in online classifieds or second-hand sports stores, so the idea that it's good for commercial use is purely a selling point. You do have to give credit where it is deserved though. This treadmill was sub-$400 new, and it's been discontinued for a while now; there are still many of these being used every day and are on their second, third or even forth owners.

Now that we have that out of the way, if you were interested in a treadmill for under $400, then this was probably your guy. This affordable treadmill doesn't have all the bells and whistles that a more expensive model might, but it gets the job done. This Treadmill comes with all that you would desire in order to get some decent daily exercise. There were so many of these treadmills sold that finding a used one isn't a problem; the only issue you may have will involve the maintenance. If you're buying a used ProForm 725 TL, there are a few things you can do to keep it running after your purchase.

Cleaning the treadmill is always a good habit to have. The single most important thing is the walking belt. Taking care of your walking belt is taking care of your treadmill. If you're buying a treadmill second-hand, it's impossible to know whether the previous owner was even aware that the belt needed to be lubricated to run properly. If you have purchased a ProForm treadmill with the original belt on it, then it is probably well past due for a new walking belt. ProForm's OEM belt (Part Number: 149667) is a single-ply cotton backed belt and as anyone who wears cotton clothing will tell you; it wears out. I have seen this belt go many miles beyond its lifespan; it doesn't mean that it's a good belt. Once you remove it and see how thin and flimsy it is, you'll probably agree. When replacing the belt on your ProForm 725TL with a walking belt from Treadmill Doctor, you will notice a big difference. The Treadmill Doctor belt is a heavy duty commercial design with a synthetic coated monofilament backing that provides less friction than the traditional cotton backed belt. When used in conjunction with Treadmill Doctor's World Famous Treadmill Lube, it feels like a new treadmill.

ProForm 725 TL Walking Belt Replacement

Your walking belt is the key to a long life for your treadmill. The walking belt can have obvious issues such as coming apart at the seam or a toy getting caught in the roller and stretching the belt in one spot. There are times the problems aren't so obvious. However, before you know it, your treadmill is broken past the point of no return. When a walking belt is not lubricated properly, this can cause a high amp draw while in use eventually causing problems with the electronics or the motor. The best thing you can do is replace the walking belt as a preventative measure.

You got a good deal on your used ProForm 725 TL-- now give it a new belt for less than $100 to ensure you get your money's worth.

For more information on how to replace and adjust the belt, please refer to our Repair Help section. Here you'll find videos and diagrams that will make this job a lot easier. If you need help finding the right belt, you can always give us a call or send us an email, and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

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