The advancement of technologies has brought many instruments for all sorts of industries, including fitness. These instruments are designed to deliver the maximum output. Thus fitness equipment can help a user in providing better balance & control, enhancing time efficiency, and targeting specific muscle groups. In this section of the blog, the focus will be drawn on certain fitness instruments. And by the end, a reader will understand the effectiveness of each piece of equipment and will also be able to choose the right one for him/her.


A. Treadmill

One of the most frequently used instruments is an automated treadmill. The benefits of using a treadmill are-

1. It improves a runner’s running cadence. And this tempo is very difficult to achieve only by running outdoors. Because on the roads, there might be obstacles, bends, crowds, muddy or concrete tracks, etc. However, a treadmill moves at the speed a user wants it to. So when a user sets the speed and runs on it for a while, a cadence within the body movement is gained slowly.

2. A treadmill offers certain safety to its users. A runner doesn’t have to look down to inspect the track ahead of him/her. Rather, he/she can enjoy some music from the playlist while running ahead.

3. There’s no chance that a runner will experience sudden bounce-back while running on a treadmill which might occur during outdoor running. Therefore, it’s easier on the joint as always and ensures certain safety.


Nevertheless, the use of a treadmill continuously can bring drawbacks in the form of its boringness, inability to work on many muscle groups, or not preparing one for any kind of outdoor race.

B. Elliptical

The elliptical is considered one of the revolutionary inventions of the fitness industry. The contributions of this instrument for a fitness enthusiast are-

1. It boosts stamina and improves endurance by working on every muscle group of the body at the same time.

2. It helps in burning lots of calories within a very short time compared to a treadmill or a stationary bike.

3. It puts very little strain on the joints since it doesn’t cause a bounce-back effect on a treadmill.

4. This machine can be adjusted to target specific leg muscle groups.

5. An elliptical also helps a user to improve his/her balance.

The drawback of this machine is, sometimes the user doesn’t know how to set this machine to target specific muscle groups. As a result, it might lead to muscle injuries.


C. Exercise Bike

Another useful instrument that has been used in the fitness industry is a bike. The reasons why a person should choose it-

1. It improves cardiovascular health if used on a regular basis.

2. It lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure if used more than 120 minutes per week.

3. This instrument is much easier to use compared to a treadmill or an elliptical. But it helps in burning lots of calories.

4. Bikes are easy on the leg joints as it puts zero to negligible impacts during a workout session.

5. Since it can be installed in the home because of its smaller keeping area, it can be used in any condition. And the best part is, a good cycling session will always lift the mood up.

Treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes are three of the most useful fitness instruments available in the market. A fitness enthusiast should choose the right one as per his/her preferences to certain workouts.