About Us - Treadmill Doctor

About Us - Treadmill Doctor

Let's set the record straight : we're not actually doctors, much as our mom would love to brag otherwise. We're two brothers from Olive Branch, MS, who have an MBA, an MDiv, and a Master's in Political Science between us-but no MD.

Over the years though, we've certainly earned our specialties in "elliptretics" and "treadmllology" - and Clark really did start out by using a stethoscope to diagnose faults with treadmills ( hence the company name).

In fact, we've been in this industry since Clark was still In school in 1987 - when the commercial fitness equipment Industry was only a few years old. And It's no longer just us two: today we're a team of 32 fitness- equipment enthusiasts, - all devoting our lives to keeping your machines in peak condition.

We've got more specialist knowledge than anyone in the business

We're not just specialists because we've been repairing shifty incline motors since the dawn of The Simpsons. Heck no. We're specialists because we've gained experience In so many aspects of this fascinating idustry

  • Every day, hundreds of people get on contact to let us know what's going on with their machines - both good and bad.
  • Every day, our repairmen see for themselves the machines that always go wrong in the same spots.
  • We Sell thousands of repair parts every month to consumers, gyms, hotels and other users worldwide.

And what does all this mean for you?

  • On this site you'll find honest, authoritative, and somewhat blunt reviews of machines (a career in politics does not await) . If you buy a machine that we rate highly, youll have few problems with It .
  • But If you already own a machine that has a known structural weakness, there's a good chance we've spotted it early and created our own repair part that actually FIXES the issue. We'll then ship it to you when you need it, and you'll never have problems with it again.
  • Even With the best machines, something is bound to go wrong with them at some point. In which case you can use this site (or call us) to diagnose the problem, and we'll ship you a part that will fix it instantly, for good.
  • OR if you Ilve In Memphis or Nashville, we can come out to fix it permanently for you - our repeat business is close to zero, and boy are we proud of It. (If you live anywhere else, you'l find a list of local repairmen who can help you instead.)

So what should you do now?

If you're looking to buy a treadmill or elliptical, check out our reviews. We've been reviewing releases trom every major manufacturer for 15 years, and it's a responsibility we take very seriously - to the extent of traveling to factories around the world to see how each machine is constructed. Or If your fitness equipment isn't working as It should do, use our online diagnostic tools to find the right replacement part or call our toll- free number to get a second opinion.

Oh, and if you're interested, here's what it all means for us...

Treadmill Doctor is now the largest full-line fitness equipment services company in the United States. We've been Included in Inc . MagaZine's list of fastest growing companies,in the US for many years , and featured by publications including Runner's World, Cooking Light , and Health &. Fitness News.