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I Need to Move a Treadmill What Do I Do

One of the more common questions we get is when people reorganize their house or they are moving to a new home. The question usually goes, “I have this HUGE treadmill and there is no way I can move it, can you help!”

The answer is multi-faceted but don’t despair, there are ways of accomplishing this task without losing your mind or getting a herniated disk in your back! First, find your owner’s manual or the easiest way to get your hands on it is to download it on the net. Don’t pay to do so…because most can be downloaded free. If not, you might have to buy one if you don’t find your original but usually, at a minimum you can get a drawing of it free.

I just moved my own treadmill from downstairs to upstairs so I can give you a hands-on experience. First, I separated the top pedestal from the base frame and made sure to take care with the communications cable and treadmill power cord not to pinch or damage it. Once the two parts were apart by removing 4 bolts, I wrapped each section in moving blankets in case I hit a wall or scraped a corner. Then, with the help of a second person, we carried the sections individually up the stairs and once all was upstairs, reassembled the machine and tested it.

If you don’t have help or if you can’t move it at all, you may need to hire help. We do this type of service but you might be able to find someone local…we would just suggest that you find someone that can take enough care that they don’t damage the machine and cost you hundreds to get it fixed. Wrapping it carefully and being VERY careful with the wiring is of utmost importance.

Keep in mind that most treadmills are VERY heavy. Mine was over 300 lbs. fully assembled. So even in pieces, treadmills can be hard to handle. Make sure that you have enough people to carry the machine without dropping it or hurting yourself. In the case of moving a treadmill, more hands can be better.

If you need any additional tips, shoot us an email at tdoc@treadmilldoctor.com or if you are disassembling an elliptical, shoot us an email at edoc@treadmilldoctor.com