Will Your Treadmill Kill You?

A few years ago NordicTrack Treadmill placed a warning on their products regarding the California Proposition 65 (Prop 65)

The Prop 65 is as follows:
“Requires businesses to notify Californians about significant amounts of chemicals in the products they purchase, in their homes or workplaces, or that are released into the environment. By providing this information, Proposition 65 enables Californians to make informed decisions about protecting themselves from exposure to these chemicals. “

You may ask what on earth is in a NordicTrack treadmill that is so different than all the other treadmills? The answer…..NOTHING. All treadmill manufacturers should have this on any treadmill that they may be sending to California. NordicTrack is being proactive to get this information on their labels and making consumers aware of the content in some of the parts and or processes of the treadmill building procedure. NordicTrack is just following the law and avoiding penalties for violating Prop 65 by failing to provide warning; these penalties can be as high as $2,500 per violation per day.

Parts for treadmill

All treadmill manufactures are selling treadmills and ellipticals to California via the web or phone orders. Prop 65 has not been heavily enforced by the California Attorney General’s office within the fitness industry, therefore no one wants to attract attention to the fact that treadmill parts may contain a known carcinogen and draw attention to the requirements that California has set for Prop 65.

The requirements are pretty strict. For example, a cancer-causing chemical or agent that may cause cancer, according to the state’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment is as follows,

“A person exposed to the chemical at the ‘no significant risk level’ for 70 years would not have more than a ‘one in 100,000’ chance of developing cancer as a result of that exposure.”

In other words, if there could be more than one case of cancer out of 100,000 people over a period of 70 years due to exposure from a substance being used by any manufacturer, that manufacturer must post a label on their product.
You may ask what the parts are that may contain these scary chemicals?
Jeremy with NordicTrack tells me that,

“The parts that are needed for this (the warning) are actually the chemicals we use to make the plastics.” He explains “That chemical that is labeled as a health hazard is actually washed off, but we need to put the warning on there anyway as if the chemical gets in drinking water and is ingested, that is when it becomes dangerous.” Jeremy also says that there “really isn’t any harm, we are just following the law.”

I also asked if he thought this had effected sales?
He said that yes, I am sure it has, but we have to place that warning on the box, it is the law.
So, here is my warning to you!
Do not go to NordicTrack’s plant in Utah and drink wastewater at the plant, and do not eat or lick any parts or components of your treadmill.
I think that should make us all feel much better at the end of the day if you will follow those 2 tips! The answer to “CAN A TREADMILL KILL YOU?”.
Apparently if you are a moron!
Happy Treadmilling!


What is a good alternative to a treadmill?

Common alternatives to treadmills include outdoor running, elliptical machines, stationary bikes, rowing machines, and stair climbers. The alternative choice would depend on individual preferences, fitness goals, and any specific health considerations. If you're looking for treadmill service, Treadmill Doctor is a one-stop shop for professional treadmill repair and maintenance services.

Is a treadmill safe for heart patients?

It is generally recommended that individuals with heart conditions consult with their healthcare provider before starting or modifying an exercise program, including the use of treadmills. A healthcare professional can assess an individual's cardiac condition and provide guidance on safe and appropriate exercise options.

Why does exercise equipment carry the Prop 65 warning?

Exercise equipment, such as treadmills, may carry the Prop 65 warning due to the presence of chemicals used in the plastics of certain parts. This warning is required by California law, specifically Proposition 65, which mandates that businesses inform consumers about significant amounts of chemicals in products that may pose health risks. The warning aims to enable consumers to make informed decisions regarding their exposure to these chemicals.

What are the side effects of running on a treadmill?

Common side effects of running on a treadmill, particularly if done improperly or excessively, may include muscle soreness, joint impact, strain or injury, foot and ankle issues, and fatigue. It is important to use proper form, warm up adequately, wear appropriate footwear, and gradually increase intensity and duration to minimize the risk of adverse effects. If you're looking for specific treadmill consoles to enhance your running experience, you can explore a variety of options on the category page.

Do all treadmills have the Prop 65 warning?

A number of manufacturers, including NordicTrack, are placing the warning on their products to comply with California regulations and avoid potential penalties for violation. It is advisable to check the labeling and product information of specific treadmill models to determine if they have the Prop 65 warning.