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Personal Pain Management With a Topical Alcohol Treatment

It was the craziest thing I have ever heard in my life! I was listening to a PhD holder who is widely published in the area of medicinal use of natural therapies- things like plant medicine and ancestral healing, who is a loud voice against taking prescriptions. He said that when he had muscle pain, he just used a grain alcohol and had relief within just a few minutes.

So, in the evening when I normally have muscle pain, I pulled out my rubbing alcohol, applied it to my skin and got no response. To say I was completely deflated like a flat tire would be an understatement. I had the PhD’s talk recorded so I went back and listened and as usual, I didn’t hear the whole story. As I stated earlier, it had to be grain alcohol. The rubbing alcohol that I used was Isopropyl alcohol and wouldn’t work.

I took a muscle relaxer and put on some Aspercreme Heat and went to bed and the next day, I was at the liquor store buying a bottle of Vodka. In my mind, you couldn’t get more of a grain alcohol than Vodka. That evening, the muscle pain came back, I applied the Vodka to the offending muscles and voila, the pain went away in minutes.

I thought if even if this was one of those situations where I was having a placebo effect, it worked for the moment so I kept using it. About a week later, my wife complained about her upper back and her muscles being so tight. I told her I had a new topical medicine that worked great on me and let me apply some to her hurting areas. She did and within minutes, voila, the pain went away. She asked what the medicine was called and couldn’t believe Vodka relieved her pain like it did.

This was about 2 years ago and in the past I have taken approximately 1,000 over the counter pain reliever tablets and about 100 prescription pain pills in any given year. Vodka hasn’t completely eliminated my use but I’m down to about 200 OTC tablets and fewer than 50 prescription pills and as I get better and better about avoiding stress and being aggressive about tamping pain down as early as possible, I expect my pill intake to reduce even more dramatically.

So instead of taking hundreds of pills that are doing “who knows what” to my liver and kidneys, not to mention my stomach lining I am topically using a couple of liters of Vodka a month and hopefully saving my internal organs from the damage I was doing years ago. My results are simply anecdotal, but there is no research into therapy that cannot be put into a pill and sold for $700 each. I guess the medical community has to go the route that will make them the most money. If you follow the traditional therapy, you may need a liver transplant but if Vodka gives you a bit of relief, you might get a bit of dry skin.