Getting into shape is a dream for most people. And to make this dream into reality, ‘treadmill doctor’ has been helping motivated customers in finding the most suitable equipment for them. In this article, the champion equipment of each category in terms of price point will be mentioned. In addition, the key benefits and shortcomings of these instruments will also be highlighted.

A. Treadmills

1. TR 200 of brand-‘Xterra’ is the winner of this segment because of its budget-friendliness and lifetime body warranty. But the workout area is small, and its inclination feature is manual.

2. F63 of the brand ‘Sole’ is the perfect buy at this price point. It has a long-lasting machine and needful features. However, it lacks programming features.

3. Pro 2000 of the brand ‘Proform’ cracks the top position of this category. Because it includes features from a treadmill of a higher price segment like a larger display and auto-inclination features with large running space. Price can go out of reach sometimes hence the demand for this often more than its supply.

4. $3,000 budget: Commercial 1750 of ‘NordicTrack’ brand is the most value-for-money equipment in the fitness industry. This device doesn’t lack any useful features. The only shortcoming is its low warranty period.

5. $6,000 Budget: L7 Pro from ‘Landice’ tops the spot for the treadmill category for its all-around specifications. This machine outshines its competitors in terms of its durability. The only drawback is its lack of technological competency than its price segment rivals from other brands.

B. Ellipticals

1. Low-budget segment: EU100 Hybrid from ‘Xterra’ again catches the spot in the budget segment with a price of $400. It has an innovative design and is very easy to use. But the frames are lightweight and not very durable in the long run.

2. Mid-budget segment: Carbon EX from ‘Proform’ is a good option if a customer’s budget is within a thousand dollars. Its frame is very durable, has an inclination feature, and many more. However, its flywheel is light and prone to damage.

3. High-budget segment: FreeStride Trainer FS7i of the brand- ‘NordicTrack’ is suitable equipment for ellipticals. All the modern features are added to it including the very best build quality. The only reason customers don’t prefer this one is because of its substandard warranty coverage.

4. Premium segment: EFX 885 (Proform) is the choice for those groups of people who want to spend money to buy the best equipment in the market. It has got a flawless design and construction, up-to-date features with a warranty period of 7 years. However, its parts are very expensive.

C. Fitness Bikes

Fitness bikes are available in all price ranges. As the price of these bikes increases, the features like LCD screens, good frames, etc improve.

At last, it’s advised to look after the required features first rather than looking at the price point first. A customer should prioritize the necessary features and build quality of a machine rather than looking into a bunch of useless features and warranty period provided by the manufacturer. And it’s always recommended to buy a treadmill or an elliptical with a low-range fitness bike rather than spending an enormous sum of money on a single bike.