When we think about any form of exercise, it always starts with walking, or jogging, or running. Because of the shortage of time and space limitations, outdoor running scopes had gone narrower over the period of time. However, to resolve these limitations, commercial treadmills were introduced between 1960-1970. And with the advancement of technology, fitness enthusiasts can now buy modern electromechanical treadmills with tons of features in them.  

Yet owing a treadmill and maintaining it for the long term are two different issues. Most treadmill users don’t know how to ensure a treadmill’s optimum performance for a longer period of time. Here, some simple guidelines will be emphasized for interested readers.

 1. Treadmill inspection

Although it might sound silly, it can be a great deal in enhancing its longevity. It’s always recommended to check a treadmill before and after its use. Thus it can save you from any type of accident. On the other hand, any type of fault can be identified in the primary stage. So the fixing will be easy and less expensive. 

2. Cleaning the treadmill

Dust is the enemy of any sort of machine. Though its impact is unnoticeable within a short duration, it slowly damages the mechanical parts. Similarly, the sweat-drops will result in corrosion if it’s not cleaned properly. So it’s advisable to clean the handrails, belt, and deck with a cloth after each workout session. 

3. Belt lubrication

The smoother the belt, the smoother will be the experience of a treadmill user. Without proper lubrication, the belt will result in friction during a running session. And it would not only create a bad experience but also could cause some serious accidents. 

4. Keeping the bolts tightened

Like any other mechanical device, a treadmill’s parts are held together will a lot of screws and bolts. A running session puts extensive force on its body and can cause its bolts and screws to loosen. The nuts and bolts may also be found as corroded. Therefore, a user must be very careful regarding this issue.   

5. Aligning and tightening the running belt

During the installation period, the running belt is adjusted which might loosen after some time. One way to figure this out is to get a slipping feel while running on it. When this type of issue arises, a user should inspect the belt’s alignment first. And following the installation or replacement guidelines, a normal person can easily tighten the belt.

6. Console board reading monitoring

It’s easier for a user to find out the anomalies in meter readings who runs on the treadmill on a regular basis. If such issues are found, they should be repaired or replaced soon. Because a wrong output in the data will either demotivate the runner or give him a false motivation that he/she has improved the endurance level.  

  Above are the ways to help a user to get a good service from a treadmill for a longer period of time. However, it’s preferable if a treadmill owner inspects his/her treadmill once every six months with a professional technician.