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Treadmills Eventually Need a Tune Up

Using a treadmill from home is an efficient way to lose weight. The great thing about working out on a stationary machine is that you can perform low impact exercise such as walking or perhaps a slow jog. But the best part about a treadmill is the fact that you do not have to worry about it raining or snowing outside. With your own at home treadmill, you can exercise in any weather, whenever the mood strikes you. However, with summer already here, we are all dreaming of the perfect summer body. But after the cold winter months your treadmill may be in need of a few repairs. Sometimes, the electronics run into issues, walking belts wear out, and consoles stop working. While some people may think to buy a new treadmill, you should definitely think twice and consider paying for treadmill repair. What are some of the common things that need a repair on a treadmill? Below are two of the most common reasons your treadmill needs repair:

1.) Walking Belt One common thing to look for would be your walking belt. Over time walking belts eventually loosen and need to be tightened or aligned.

2.) Changing Speeds Many people have a functional treadmill that will randomly change speeds during their workout. Obviously, this can be extremely dangerous. Fortunately, all this usually means is your treadmill needs to be cleaned. Sometimes there is dirt located on the speed censors and this leads to speed jumps. To keep yourself safe and your machine working optimally, have your machine regularly cleaned and polished. These are just 2 common things that usually require repair on your treadmill. You also need to be aware of electrical failures. If you are unsure of what the issue is, it’s in your best interest to have our experienced repairmen come out and provide a consultation. They will be happy to identify the problem and fix it as well.