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I Want a Treadmill But How High Should My Ceiling Be?

A common question we get here is that someone wants to buy a treadmill but they only have space in a bonus room with a slanted ceiling or in a basement with a low ceiling. The answer depends upon the height of the treadmill deck and how you plan to use it.

In general, Lifespan, Sole, and Precor have low deck heights (another term that is used is step-up height). If a treadmill has decline or a motor under the deck design, it is going to have a higher deck height than a comparable treadmill with the motor in the front or without decline.

The best way to figure out how much room you need is to add the height of the tallest user and then add the deck height and then add at least 3” of clearance if you are a walker and 4-5” if you are a runner. This is only if you plan on not using incline.

If you plan on using incline, put the unit in the store at the incline height that you wish to use and then measure from the floor to the highest point of the deck that you can walk upon. This is going to be your new deck height to add to the tallest person’s height and then the clearance height.

Keep in mind if you put the machine on carpet, typically a machine will sink into the padding if your carpet has padding. If you are putting it on concrete or on a treadmill mat, then you will need to make sure to add any additional height of the accessory.

The important thing that people need to remember is that if you have limited space, you may need to alter the way that you workout in order to accommodate your space and if you have limited height, go ahead and rule out one of the incline trainer models. It starts at a high step-up height and then really increases the deck height from there.