The introduction of treadmills to the fitness industry has brought some revolutionary changes. A workout session isn’t considered a complete one unless it includes treadmill running or jogging exercise in addition to resistance training. Moreover, doctors and fitness experts have been talking about the role of these machines in improving the cardiovascular health of human beings. As a result, more and more fitness enthusiasts have started to prefer this equipment to others. Nowadays, modern treadmills are designed with all the needed features to provide accurate data to their users. In this context, the most needful features of a treadmill will be discussed. Hopefully, it would be helpful for the new customers to come to a fruitful decision while buying one for them.


1. Monitoring Heart-Rate

A treadmill workout mainly improves the cardiovascular health of a person. So it’s important for a user to know how much of a contribution it has been making. And a good way to understand is to know how fast/intensively your heart has been pumping throughout the exercise session. A trainee who prefers interval training can also find data regarding his recovery periods. More recently, some apps were designed for the most advanced treadmills that can keep records of a user’s heart rate over a course of time. So the user can see his progression in the monitor which might inspire him to push a bit more during the next session of workout.


2. A flawless motor

A motor is the heart of a machine. The overall quality of a treadmill depends on the quality of its motor. The motor should be powerful enough to generate the desired speed a runner has been pushing for (not exceeding its max limit). At the same time, it should not be too noisy that it disrupts the runner during a workout session.  The main characteristic of a good motor is its smooth transition from a higher to a lower speed and vice versa.


3. Absorption of shocks

Another significant characteristic of a good treadmill is its ability to absorb the shocks while a user is sprinting on it. If it doesn’t have a proper cushioning effect and cannot absorb the shocks, it will eventually create discomfort for the user. Sometimes the runners experience pain in their joints because of it.


4. Inclination functions

Most modern treadmills are designed with this feature. Using this feature, a person can challenge himself to run or walk towards a high altitude. Thus, more calories can be burnt within a shorter period of time.


5. Foldable design with wheels at the bottom

Nowadays, customers who are planning to buy a new treadmill always look for this feature. It’s because this type of treadmill can be kept within a small space. And also, it can be carried to another room or place without the help from others.

6. Pre-set programs

Modern treadmills provide options to make a workout program using relevant apps. And the treadmills follow the command automatically as per the designed programs. Thus button handling issues can be avoided and the user can just focus on his workout.


These are the most important features a new customer should consider before purchasing one for him/her. A user will only be satisfied when its features will be easy to use and will have all the desired options available along with a decent longevity period.