An Elliptical trainer has become one of the most widely chosen instruments for those groups of people who are looking to improve their cardiovascular health. One of many reasons why it’s preferred by fitness enthusiasts is, it puts less strain on the joint compared to a treadmill. In addition, the movements from an elliptical work on both the upper and lower body burning lots of calories. However, every instrument has its shortcomings in the form of some electrical or mechanical damage. A console is one of those vulnerable parts of an elliptical. In this article, a small discussion will be made on the reasons why it gets damaged. And the highlight of this article will be guidelines that would be helpful in replacing the console.


The reasons why an elliptical console malfunctions

Based on the service report provided by the technicians, an elliptical console malfunctions because of one or all of these three reasons. These are-

1. Low battery or batteries.

2. Issues with wire connections.

3. Troubleshooting issues in console power.

The initial two issues are easily fixable. Whenever a user finds console problems, he/she should first replace the batteries with newer ones. If the first step doesn’t work, the user should check the wire connection simply by unplugging the wires, then waiting for 60 seconds, and then re-plugging the wire. With the initial package, the users are provided with an extra set of wires. So it’s recommended to use the new set of wires before taking a concrete decision for replacement. Many of the customers seem to avoid these simple steps and go for the replacement option with the slightest of issues.

Replacement procedures of an elliptical console

Electronic console replacement options are a bit more flexible in the case of an elliptical compared to that of a treadmill. Because it’s not mandatory to buy an elliptical console of a specific model of a specific brand. As long as the category matches, a person can choose one from the options of many. But it’s always recommended to use a console from the same brand.

A person can easily remove the old console and install a new one without the help of a technician (if the elliptical isn’t under warranty period). Thus he/she would be able to save some money. The required steps should be followed if anyone wants to replace the console by himself or herself.

1. At the bottom of the console, there will be a pair of screws. Those screws are to be removed carefully.

2. Then the console wires are to be disconnected from the elliptical.

3. Afterwards, a new console is to be placed on the elliptical. Once the position seems to be okay, it should be tightened with the screws. However, all the screws cannot be tightened if the console isn’t placed in the right place. So don’t put too much pressure if the screws aren’t fitting properly. Instead, relocate the console.

4. Insert new batteries into the console.

5. Switch on the new console.


Elliptical console troubleshooting isn’t a serious problem like the other mechanical or electrical damages. If a user finds any problem, rather than being panicked, he/she should follow the simple steps.