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How to Properly Lube a Treadmill Belt

I get many emails on this subject and thought I would go ahead and give everyone a step by step instruction list so that it can be pulled up at any time you treadmill enthusiasts need some help in this department.

1. Always read your owners manual to find out the exact lube that your treadmill requires ( offers an excellent general lubricant for all treadmills).

2. Check the treadmill deck, or the deck that is directly under the walking belt for any ruts or indentation in the surface. If you DO notice any deep wear, you may want to call a treadmill professional. If you are comfortable with the process, you may want to call Treadmill and purchase a new deck. Do not continue to use the treadmill if you notice major wear on the treadmill deck, as this may cause major damage to electric components.

3. Prior to putting any lube on the treadmill, always clean the treadmill deck and belt. Any dust or debris may be blown out with a blower. The treadmill should be cleaned thoroughly. To clean underneath the belt, you may need to loosen the tension on the belt. Please review your owner’s manual for instructions on tension reduction.

4. If the treadmill is overly dirty, you may need to lay the treadmill on its side, loosen the belt and take a brush and thoroughly brush any debris that may have caked or accumulated on the deck and the underside of the of the belt . (Another tip: use mineral spirits to clean any dirt or sweat from the deck)

5. After cleaning the deck and allowing to dry, take the tube (if using lube), and spread ½ the tube lengthwise under the walking belt. Move to opposite side, and repeat the lube process. Beware: do not put anywhere that you foot may come in contact. Although lube is not known to be harmful to skin, it may cause fabric to stain permanently.

6. If cleaning of the belt and deck prior to applying the lube was needed, adjust the tension and centering of the belt according to manufacturers manual. If the deck was not overly dirty, there may be no need to loosen belt prior to applying lube.

7. Start the treadmill at a slow speed, approximately 2 to 3 MPH. Allow the treadmill to run without any weight on the belt or deck. After allowing treadmill to run art least 5 minutes, check the centering and placement of the belt. If any problems persists’ consult your manufacturer or the manual and adjust accordingly.

8. After making any necessary adjustments, CAREFULLY attempt to walk on belt at the speed of 2 to 3 MPH. CARE MUST BE TAKEN DUE TO POSSIBLE HESITATION IN BELT. If the belt is not centered and properly tensioned damage may occur to belt. Within 5 minutes the lube should be well saturated into the backing of the belt.

BEWARE!!! Do not run on your treadmill until you are positive that you belt is properly centered and tensioned according to owner’s manual specifications. Also, make sure that lube is properly spread onto the deck and belt. If there are any dry areas, your belt may hesitate.

Keep all lubricates out of reach of children! If swallowed seek immediate medical attention, and contact Poison Control. All chemicals may cause discoloration to fabric, carpet or skin. Do not allow to come in contact with eyes or skin.