When it comes to choosing your go to cardio, an elliptical is one of the common choices that a person makes. The equipment offers the required movements that activate both the upper and lower body at the same time. In addition, with some adjustment, it’s possible to target some specific muscle groups while working out with this machine. Nevertheless, maintaining an elliptical at home or the gym consists of some regular follow-ups and specific guidelines. The next section of this article is designed to educate a common user about the ways to maintain his/her elliptical at an optimum level.

Ways to maintain an elliptical

Like all other mechanical instruments, an elliptical also has to be maintained as per the requirement. The basic ways of maintenance are-

1. Regular inspection: It’s recommended to inspect the machine after every workout session. And on a monthly basis, a user should check the tightness of all the bolts and screws. Every six months, he/she should open the jointed parts of an elliptical to check the changes in parts like belts, corrosions, etc. If the belt has got a wear-out look or corrosion is noticed in any part, it should be replaced as soon as possible. Finally, it would be wise to let a technician check the machine once a year at the very least. 

2. Room condition: Temperature, humidity, and/or the presence of daylight can have a significant impact on the performance of an elliptical. Because of high temperature or high humidity, the internal mechanism of this machine can show problems. And direct sunlight can cause its color to fade away slowly. 

3. Cleaning the elliptical: The manufacturers always recommend cleaning this equipment after every session. A piece of soft cloth with warm water is preferable to clean dust and sweat.

4. Lubrications to be applied periodically: Since this device generates mechanical movements, it needs a necessary amount of lubricants to perform at an optimum level. As the lubricants dry off or are exhausted after a certain period (based on the quality), they should be changed periodically. A user will experience some kind of discomfort or rigidity in movements which are considered as the signal to replace the lubricant. 

5. Unplugging after usage: One of the common mistakes a user does is to forget unplugging of this device. Primarily, it will save the machine from any accidental power surge. And secondly, it will save the amount of power consumption. 

6. Stabilizing and leveling: This instrument is to be set over a plain surface that restricts unnecessary bumping of the machine during a workout session. 

7. Tightening or replacing the drive belt: The drive belt should be inspected once a user notices discomfort while using it. If the drive belt gets loosened, it should be tightened as per the instructed guideline. Moreover, if it’s found to be torn or worn out, it should be replaced without any delay. 

 By following these simple guidelines, a user can get a consistent performance from this machine over a longer period. And a good-performing machine will certainly help a person reach his/her desired fitness goals.