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Sole Fitness F-63 Treadmill Replacement Belt

When a customer calls into the Treadmill Doctor with a issue with their treadmill, one of the first questions I ask is, "Have you been lubricating the walking belt on your treadmill, and if so, with what?" I ask this question in order to maintain optimal performance regarding the treadmill. I recommend lubricating the walking belt at least two times a year. When the belt on any treadmill lacks lubrication, the belt dries out, and this creates increased friction. This increased friction wears the belt out prematurely. As belts wear, it can cause a lot of problems with the motor and electronics of the treadmill. There are fibers on the backside of the belt that start to break down, and this increases the friction between the belt and the surface below the belt, which is called the deck. This extra friction means that the motor has to work harder to maintain the desired speed, and the motor controller has to put out more energy in order for the motor to maintain that speed. The result is that the motor controller starts to get hot and eventually, they fail. The motor and the electronics in the treadmill can be very pricey to replace. This situation causes a higher than normal amperage to be used by the treadmill that pops the circuit breaker in the house or on the machine.

When a customer calls and wants to know what belt they should buy, I go through all the pros and cons of each type of belt. I ask how many people use the treadmill and how much it's used. Putting a single ply belt on a treadmill used by three people each using it three times a week isn't going to last very long. Someone who is selling a treadmill may want to put on a very inexpensive belt in order to be able to sell the treadmill.

By replacing the walking belt with a Treadmill Doctor walking belt, you are putting on a better quality belt that will give you many years of trouble-free use.

Most people do a lot of research before they make a large purchase like a treadmill. They want one that has all the features they need and one that will stand the test of time. I'm sure the same is true for replacement belts for your treadmill, especially with the usage of the Internet today. Treadmill Doctor belts come pre-lubricated with our own lubricant. We also include an additional tube of lubricant with every belt shipped, which gives the end-user an approximate 1-year supply. Treadmill Doctor gives the customer a great deal, considering the lubricant and shipping would cost about $16.99. The cost of the belt is also very competitive, if not better than the original manufacturer'Ă‚?s belt which costs $169.99 plus shipping. When you combine the quality of the belt, the warranty, the price and the lube, I can't think of any reason not to purchase your replacement belts from Treadmill Doctor.

Treadmill Doctor sells a 2-ply replacement belt for the Sole F-63. The original belt that comes on this treadmill is a 1.6 mm and is technically a 2-ply belt. However, the Treadmill Doctor replacement belt is a thicker more durable belt that holds up much better than the original equipment belt that came with the treadmill. The only difference is we at Treadmill Doctor don't print Sole Fitness on the running belt. In addition, Treadmill Doctor offers a standard and a professional grade of the 2-ply belt. The standard grade belt comes with a one-year warranty and is less expensive than the Professional grade belt, which comes with a lifetime warranty. The warranties on these belts cover the failure of the belts or in the rare case, if the seam starts to separate.

If you have any other questions, or if you feel that you have a problem not listed here, please contact us via e-mail at doc@treadmilldoctor.com