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Smooth Agile DMTs

Our best buy winner in the $2999 category, the Smooth Agile DMT takes user adjustability to a new...

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Smooth CE 7.4

The CE 7.4 is a high quality durable elliptical that Smooth has produced for many years.

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Older Smooth Reviews

Reviewed in 2015

Smooth RE 11.35

For $799 the RE11.35 has nice features but the warranty leaves a little to be desired.

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Smooth RE 11.55

The RE 11.55 is the best value of Smooth's current elliptical lineup giving you a great warranty ...

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Smooth RE 13.75

The RE13.75 is a major step up from Smooth's earlier models before the change in ownership, in te...

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Smooth RE 13.95

The RE 13.95 has nice features with the 10" touchscreen but the warranty leaves a little to be de...

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Reviewed in 2014

Smooth Aglie DMT

The Agile DMT is consistently one of the best, high quality ellipticals sold over the last severa...

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Smooth Aglie DMT X2

The Agile DMT X2 gives you extreme adjustability and solid quality. Our Best Buy Award Winner fo...

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Smooth CE 2.5

The CE 2.5 is a sturdy compact elliptical that gives good value for the money.

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Smooth CE 3.0 XT

The CE3.0 XT is a good compact elliptical for the money, our 3rd Runner Up in our 2014 Best Buy A...

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Smooth CE 3.6

The CE 3.6 is a solid quality ellipical in a crowded market with good features and value. It rec...

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Smooth CE 5.5

The CE 5.5 is a decent elliptical that is good enough for our 1st runner up award for our 2014 be...

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Smooth CE 8.0LC

The Smooth CE 8.0LC is the proverbial tank of the elliptical world. Our 2nd Runner Up award winn...

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Smooth CE 9.0

The Smooth CE 9.0 is a big elliptical that Smooth has brought out in the last year.

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Smooth CE 9.5

The CE 9.5 carries one of the best warranties in the fitness industry.

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Reviewed in 2013

Smooth CE 3.0

The CE 3.0 gives a lot of quality in small package.

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Reviewed in 2012

Smooth 3.0s

Smooth offers solid quality in a small package.

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Smooth 3.6s

Our 3rd runner up in the $1299 category, the Smooth 3.6 offers good quality in a value package.

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Smooth 7.4s

The 1st runner up in the $1499 category, the Smooth 7.4, was last year's best buy winner.

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Smooth Agile DMT X2s

Our 2nd runner up in the $1999 category, the Smooth Agile DMT 2, provides good quality with a fea...

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Smooth CE Plus

The Smooth CE Plus is one of the first compact ellipticals that I think will stand the test of ti...

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Reviewed in 2010

Smooth Agile DMT X1

The DMT X1 is a solid buy at $1999.

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Smooth CE 2.7

The CE 2.7 from Smooth is quite a machine for the money.

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Smooth CE 3.2

Smooth increased the warranty and gave the customer a heck of a deal. Our 2nd Runner up in the $...

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Smooth CE 3.7

One of the better ellipticals on the market for $1499. Our 3rd Runner up in the $1000 to $1499 c...

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Reviewed in 2009

Smooth CE 2.0

The Smooth CE 2.0 is the junior cousin to the Smooth CE. Compact for people with space limitatio...

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Smooth CE 2.1

Smooth Fitness has, as they did last season, to put most of their product development into their ...

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Smooth CE

We stated in last year's review that the Smooth CE was the first compact elliptical that we have ...

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Who Manufacturers Smooth Ellipticals?

General Information:This brand was started by the person that originally came up with the idea of selling fitness products on the Internet. This was Smooth Fitness and quickly became the biggest seller of what is called "specialty" quality equipment on the web. A repeat performance caused his ouster from Yowza and the Taiwanese factory behind it, Greenmaster is in full control.

Manufacturing Philosophy:As many specialty brands, the focus is to make the machines feature rich. Plenty of programming, features, and quality seem to be the direction that Yowza is trying to head. It appears to be approaching things with the original strategy that Smooth used for years which would make sense with plenty of advertising and a big push on the internet.

Company Outlook : It will be interesting to see. The company is spending plenty of money on advertising on the Internet and we know how expensive it is to bid high on many of the terms they are using in the world of paid advertising on the web with companies like Google. It seems that most of the companies that were going out of business have done so. We know Yowza has one of the lowest cost structures of any North American brand so there future looks solid.