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Smooth CE 3.6 Elliptical Review

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Brief Overview

The CE 3.6 is a solid quality ellipical in a crowded market with good features and value. It receives our 1st Runner Up Award for our 2014 Best Buys.

Overall Quality

<strong>Smooth CE 3.6</strong> The Smooth CE 3.6 is our Best Buy 2014 1<sup>st</sup> Runner Up in the $1299 category. It is a solid quality elliptical in a crowded market with good features and value. <strong><em>The good points of the CE 3.6</em></strong> <strong>Oversized LCD display</strong> What compensates this trainer's fixed stride is the oversized backlit display it offers. During workout, people usually track their progress by monitoring it on the screen. The CE 3.6 has an oversized backlit LCD display, which is really good for those meticulous users. <strong>Really cool warranty</strong> Although it's expected, it's still worth to mention the great warranty Smooth Fitness offers for this machine. It includes a lifetime warranty for the frame and braking system, 5 years for parts, and 2 years for the labor. In the case of the CE 3.6, you can feel secured in your purchase. <strong>Wireless Heart Rate Control</strong> Along with its heart rate monitoring, the CE 3.6 comes with a wireless heart rate strap. There have been many trainers that offer heart rate monitoring but do not come with a wireless heart-rate strap, so be careful and ask for the trainer's full specifications when choosing one. You might end up frustrated if you buy one of those without the wireless heart rate strap. <strong><em>The disappointments of the CE 3.6</em></strong> <strong>Non-adjustable stride length</strong> The Smooth CE 3.6 has a non-adjustable stride length fixed at 18 inches. When you have a budget of a thousand bucks and higher for a trainer, people usually expect it to be a very good trainer with all the desired features. This is where Smooth Fitness failed to reach the expectations. They could've had made it adjustable. Other trainers within the same price range have adjustable strides up to 22 inches. <strong>Simply not for taller users</strong> Taller users at 6 feet and up might find the CE 3.6 slightly uncomfortable. Because of its fixed stride length at 18 inches, it also offers limited options to exercise. However users at 5'10" and shorter should enjoy the workouts they can get from the Smooth CE 3.6. <strong><em>All in all:</em></strong> While the CE 3.6 does not have some of the features that other ellipticals do, adjustable stride length for example, it does have a long history of excellent quality. Smooth also provides excellent customer service


Adjustability 2
Reliability 6
Noise Level 6
Value 5
Warranty 6
Quality 5
Ergonomics 6