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Smooth Aglie DMT Elliptical Review

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Brief Overview

The Agile DMT is consistently one of the best, high quality ellipticals sold over the last several years. Our Best Buy Award winner for 2014.

Overall Quality

<strong>Smooth Agile DMT Review</strong> There's only one phrase to describe this elliptical, next-level adjustability. If you want a robust trainer with a state-of-the-art adjustable stride, then the Smooth Agile DMT is perfect for you. It is our Best Buy Award winner for the past several years and has maintained its seat for this year - the Agile DMT is Treadmill Doctor's Best Buy 2014 Winner in the $2499 category. <strong><em>Talking about the best elliptical in the $2500 price range</em></strong> <strong>Superior adjustability</strong> What has amazed us during this review is the super adjustable stride length Smooth had armed up on this trainer. It's amazingly adjustable from 19 to 24 inches length. This showcase of adjustability can only be expected in higher categories. At 24", taller users won't have any problem at all using this elliptical. Targeting different muscle groups is relatively comfortable with this adjustability. <strong>The DMT line</strong> Dynamic Motion Trainer or DMT is a description of what the machine does. This function offers 12 biomechanically-correct motions which work perfectly with this trainer's 20 resistance levels and 6 stride length settings. <strong>Assurance through warranty</strong> As one of the best brands offering the best warranty in this industry, Smooth has exceeded expectations. The Smooth Agile DMT has a lifetime warranty on both frame and braking system. It also has an excellent warranty on parts covering 7 years and 2 years on its labor. This warranty says it all, while the DMT offers next-level adjustability; it doesn't forget the quality it uses. <strong>A definite guarantee</strong> What will ease users on buying this elliptical is the money back guarantee it offers. The DMT gives a generous 60 day return guarantee. <strong>Heavy machine gives stability</strong> Users weighing 400 lbs wouldn't have to worry riding this machine. The DMT itself weighs at 356 lbs., which is perfectly designed to carry heavier users to work out with stability. <strong>Has cooling fans, MP3 supports, wireless chest strap, plus a Life Touch Thumb Control</strong> What users will mostly like in this trainer is the bundle of features it gives. As expected from a high-end elliptical, it has the following features: cooling fans, support for iPod and MP3 players, and a wireless chest strap to fully utilize the heart rate monitoring. Another feature that comes with this bundle is the Life Touch Thumb Control. During workout, users would simply slide their thumb over an infrared sensor to change their machine's settings. This comes in handy, especially when users are exhausted. This feature is a big plus for the Smooth Agile DMT. <strong><em>What the DMT missed</em></strong> <strong>Uses unenhanced pedals</strong> When you spend over 2000 bucks for a single purchase, you usually expect it to have all the extras. In this case the DMT has failed. Other ellipticals in this price point use cushioned and adjustable pedals. As one of the leading manufacturers, Smooth shouldn't have missed this one. <strong><em>Verdict: </em></strong> The Agile DMT elliptical is no doubt the best trainer you can find in the $2500 price range. Great adjustability, solid quality and design, along with good customer service gives Smooth a real edge over its rivals.


Adjustability 8
Reliability 6
Noise Level 5
Value 6
Warranty 7
Quality 6
Ergonomics 6