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Smooth CE 8.0LC Elliptical Review

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Brief Overview

The Smooth CE 8.0LC is the proverbial tank of the elliptical world. Our 2nd Runner Up award winner for 2014.

Overall Quality

<strong>Smooth CE 8.0 LC Review</strong> The Smooth CE 8.0 LC is an extremely durable trainer with missing features. It is our Best Buy 2014 2<sup>nd</sup> Runner Up in the under $1999 category. <strong><em>What can you get from this durable elliptical...</em></strong> <strong>The warranty says it all</strong> We can safely say that the longer its warranty, the more confident the manufacturer on its products. There is a 10 year warranty on parts for the CE 8.0 LC. Smooth is just showing how reliable and durable they believe their machine is made. On top of it is a lifetime warranty on both frame and brakes. Other ellipticals in this price don't have a separate warranty on their braking system. It also packs a 2 years warranty on labor and a light commercial warranty in case you want to use this in club house or a hotel gym. <strong>A generous 60-day money-back guarantee</strong> This is a guarantee you hardly see on ellipticals, especially in the $2000 price range. Usually, you only see manufacturers that offer up to 30 days on a money back guarantee. In the case of CE 8.0 LC, you get a generous 60-day money-back guarantee. This is also an indicator that Smooth is really confident on the quality of this trainer. <strong>The heavier the more stable it gets</strong> Another thing that impresses us is the heaviness of this machine. It seems that Smooth has really built an extremely stable machine for users that weight up to 400 pounds. The machine itself is really heavy at 304 lbs. Make sure you place it where you want it to stay since it is just slightly lighter than the Rock of Gibraltar. <strong>More resistance levels and workout programs</strong> This is equipped with decent amount of resistance levels (24) and workout programs (21). In this price range and stability of a trainer, you hardly see similar resistance levels or workout programs. Usually ellipticals in this price point have only 16 to 20 resistance levels and 18 workout programs. <strong>Has enhanced HR monitoring, pedals, and sound system</strong> What users will mostly like in this trainer is the oversized cushioned pedals. It also has a wireless strap to fully utilize the heart-rate monitoring of this machine. Additionally, music lovers will love listening to their favorite music while exercising. It has a built-in sound system that is compatible with MP3 players. <strong><em>What you will miss in exchange for durability</em></strong> <strong>Sadly, the stride is fixed at 21 inches</strong> It appears that this machine has given up multi-user functionality for its durability. The stride is fixed at 21 inches which is really disappointing. With this, you'll have limited workout variety. <strong>There is no incline feature either</strong> This contradicts the amount of resistance levels and workout programs this elliptical provides. Without an incline feature, your workout is going to be plain. It offers no variety in exchange for durability. <strong>No cooling fan</strong> At this price point, trainers are expected to have a built-in cooling fan included. Sadly, this trainer does not provide it. <strong>Uses standard handlebar grips only</strong> Usually when trainers reaching the $1000 price point, they are expected to be equipped with all the features users would want to see. One example of this is the supposed to be enhanced handlebar grips which the CE 8.0 LC is lacking. <strong><em>Verdict: </em></strong> If you want to buy the CE 8.0 LC you need to keep in mind that you are purchasing an extremely durable machine that lacks a lot of features that you'll find standard on most machines in this price range. You'll be giving them up for an increase in durability. If you are worried about durability over features, this may be the elliptical for you.


Adjustability 2
Reliability 6
Noise Level 5
Value 6
Warranty 7
Quality 6
Ergonomics 5

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