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Smooth CE 3.0 Elliptical Review

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Brief Overview

The CE 3.0 gives a lot of quality in small package.

Overall Quality

While not providing the same level of features that can be had on other ellipticals in this price, the CE 3.0 has probably the smallest footprint of them all. If you have space limitations and still want a quality elliptical, this is the machine for you.</p> The Smooth CE 3.0 is a good choice at $999. If you're a fan of all the bells and whistles that typically come on an elliptical, you may find yourself to be disappointed with this model, but if quality is your primary concern, you won't be disappointed. This machine is also very small, so it will be ideal for those that only have limited space in which to put it.</p> Ergonomically speaking, this elliptical is pretty good. You can find models that sell for several hundred dollars more than have a similarly natural range of motion, and very few of the models in this price range are better in this category. The adjustability, however, is sorely lacking. You can alter the stride length from 17" to 21". You also get 21 levels of resistance, but even at this low of a price, you usually get to make more adjustments than you do with this one.</p> As far as projected reliability is concerned, this machine is impressive. You can find one or two ellipticals selling for under $1,000 that we expect to last longer, but that's it. There are also several models selling for more than $2,000 that have a life expectancy that's similar to this one. The quality of parts used is also very nice considering how inexpensive this elliptical is.</p> The warranty on the Smooth CE 3.0 is great. Labor is covered for 2 years, parts are covered for 3 years, and the frame and brake are covered for life. It's extremely rare to see a company put a warranty like this with such an affordable elliptical. Coverage this good is reason enough to give this model some serious consideration, and it shows a large amount of faith in this machine on the part of the manufacturer.</p>


Adjustability 2
Reliability 5
Noise Level 5
Value 5
Warranty 6
Quality 5
Ergonomics 5

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