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New True Fitness Elliptical Reviews

True Fitness M50

It is hard to compare models in this price range and not include a True machine. True typically p...

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True Fitness Performance 300

Just as there are people who need more affordable brands, there are also people who find high-qua...

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True Fitness ES700

And finally, we have reached the cream of the crop. Our First Place 2019 Best Buy Award for the $...

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Older True Fitness Reviews

Reviewed in 2016

True Fitness ES700 Emerge

While it may be hard to believe that a $4000 machine is a great value, I truly believe that the E...

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True Fitness ES700 Escelate

While not as good of a value as the ES700 Emerge, The ES700 Escelate blows away it's competitors ...

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Reviewed in 2015

True Fitness ES900 Escalate

The ES900 Escelate gives you amazing quality and design in a small package making it perfect for ...

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Reviewed in 2013

True Fitness ES 900

Our Best Buy Winner in the $4000 and Up category, the True ES 900 is a high quality refined ellit...

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Reviewed in 2012

True Fitness ESXs

Our 1st runner up in the $4000 and up category, was last year's best buy winner the True ESX. An...

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True Fitness M 30s

If you want a quality elliptical with a small footprint, for a pretty reasonable price, the True ...

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True Fitness M 50s

Good quality, small footprint, reasonably priced - the M50 from True has a lot going for it. Whi...

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True Fitness TSXas

The True TSXa is a high quality elliptical with a small footprint. This is a great option if you...

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True Fitness TSXs

Our 2nd runner up in the $2999 category, the True TSX is a great option for consumers that have l...

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True Fitness ESX

If you are comparing this to Octane there really isn't any comparison. You get a lot more qualit...

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True Fitness TSXa

The TSX is has great quality for a good price.

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True Fitness TSX

The TSX is has great quality for a good price.

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Reviewed in 2011

True Fitness ESXt

The touch screen is really not worth the money, but if you are worried about that you are looking...

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True Fitness TX

The True TX packs a lot of quality for the money. The True TX is a new unit for the True elliptic...

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Who Manufacturers True Fitness Ellipticals?

General Information:True was started in the early 80's by the Trulaske brothers and is known for their incredibly quiet operation and soft feel. Frank Trulaske is now the sole owner of True. True just keeps refining the quality of their machines and then presents a very solid product to the market. Quality and value are hallmarks of the True line and they are known for phenomenal customer service.

Manufacturing Philosophy:True uses good components on their machines but the key to True is their inarguably magnificent belt and deck combination, which is simply the best in the treadmill market. Since we have been talking to their engineers and designers for years, we understand how they make a quality product. They believe in taking care of customers- which goes a long way in today's world.

Company Outlook : True is one of the rocks in the business and will be around for a long time to come. Since the majority of True's machines sell in the higher price range, we believe that the pressure felt by many American manufacturers won't apply to True due to the low volume of units involved. If you are looking for a high quality machine and can afford it, True is the best option in the premium market.