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True ES900 Escalate Elliptical Review

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Brief Overview

The ES900 Escelate gives you amazing quality and design in a small package making it perfect for discerning consumers that don't want to overload their home with bulky equipment.

Overall Quality

When you look at elliptical machines these days it's hard not to scratch your head in wonder at the design engineers creating these machines. It's as if they can create a great industrial design without taking up an entire room. True doesn't have this problem. True also is one of the best companies in our industry to do business with if you are an average customer. I like to say they are the American Express of the fitness industry, they always default to what's best for their customer.


Adjustability 7
Reliability 7
Noise Level 6
Value 6
Warranty 6
Quality 9
Ergonomics 8

Customer Reviews

23.0 out of 5 stars
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Cory- ES900 ReviewJul 25, 2019

The machine itself is nearly what the Treadmill Doc review tells you. It is somewhat loud when the auto stride length is on and the volume of the beeps telling you intervals can't be muted or decreased on my version. We've had two stride motor errors on the machine in the last 6 year. I don't know if that is good or bad, but the warranty and customer service has been excellent. They replaced all components and found someone to do the service work at no cost to me. Parts arrived at my door with 8 days and service completed in 10.

Ivan Navarro - Expensive Trash!Jun 12, 2020

If you like paying lots of money for a machine that needs a technician every 2 to 3 months to repair and service. If you need a reliable machine to motivate you. This is not the product. The only thing this junk is good for is paper weight. Trust me, only the manufacturer will claim is good!. I can't wait to get rid of mine.