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True Fitness ESX Elliptical Review

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Where to buy the True Fitness ESX

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Brief Overview

If you are comparing this to Octane there really isn't any comparison. You get a lot more quality for the money.

Overall Quality

When you compare this unit to what is available from Lifefitness and Octane, the ESX is really a great value. I know, I know, it is strange to say an elliptical in the $4K price range is a good value but all things are relative in pricing. Compairing what you give to what you get, the ESX is a very good deal. The quality is superior to Octane and Lifefitness in our opinion for a comparable price.


Adjustability 9
Reliability 8
Noise Level 8
Value 6
Warranty 10
Quality 9
Ergonomics 8

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