New Landice Treadmill Reviews

Landice L8 Pro Sports Trainer

The Landice L8 Pro Sports treadmill is designed with all users in mind, from the beginning walker...

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Landice L7 Pro Sports Trainer

The Landice L7 Pro Sports Trainer is one of the better runner treadmills on the market. But for t...

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Landice L7 Achieve

When purchasing a Landice you never have to worry about a quality offering and the L7 Achieve tre...

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Landice L8 Achieve

Proudly built in the USA, the Landice L8 Achieve treadmill is a workhorse of a machine built for ...

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Older Landice Reviews

Reviewed in 2016

Landice L7 Cardio Trainer

Landice makes one of the most solid treadmills on the market. When you get to their different mo...

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Landice L7 Executive Trainer

Some will be enamored with the fancy display screen and if you are, it is probably worth it but t...

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Landice L7 Pro Trainer

Although Landice is not as good a deal as they were in the past they are still one of the highest...

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Landice L8 Cardio Trainer

Basically the L7 model with the extended running length and width. If you really want to try out...

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Landice L8 Executive Trainer

Massively overpriced at $5,900 but now Landice gives you 10% off if you buy on their website. Als...

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Landice L8 Pro Trainer

I would be asking the dealer for a big discount personally. It is basically the L7 model with th...

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Who Manufacturers Landice Treadmills?

General Information:Landice has been making treadmills since 1967 and has carved out a nice corner of the market. Their machines are typically well built with high quality components but the MSRPs simply have little relation to what they sell for. These are easy machines to negotiate a discount due to the high markup. The lifetime warranty is outstanding but make sure to read the restrictions and disclaimers first.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Their philosophy seems to be to put excellent parts into their treadmills and keep the design as simple as possible. The packaging of the product has improved substantially over the past several years. If more companies were willing to or could afford to put the quality of parts into their machines, we would be out of work.

Company Outlook : Landice is probably one of the best-suited companies to weather the flood of imports. They are a niche player that is good at identifying and capitalizing on underserved areas which was evident with the rehabilitation treadmill they introduced a few years ago. The upgrades these past few years in the appearance of the machines were well received. As would be expected from a good niche player, they keep introducing features that make them appealing to small groups. Expect Landice to be around for years to come.