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Landice L7 Pro Sports Trainer Treadmill Review

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How long will the Landice L7 Pro Sports Trainer last?

Even without the warranty, the L7 Pro Sports Trainer has a strong build that is likely to hold up well to many years of consistent use. For a serious runner who enjoys the daily workout, this treadmill is likely to be worth the money. Just be sure to save the cash on the screen.

As always, we like to encourage treadmill users to take care of their equipment in order to have the best experience. Especially if you are spending this kind of money. For the most part, someone would not buy a fifteen-year-old a brand-new Corvette because they don't know how to properly take care of it. Likewise, it is important to remember that this kind of treadmill is an investment and it should be treated as such in order to get the most for your money. Simply unplugging your treadmill after use and lubricating the walking belt periodically will help to extend its life by providing a quality-conducive environment.

Brief Overview

We talk a lot about style, substance, and the balance between the two mainly because we like to see machines with an equal level of utility and luxury features like web accessibility or built-in workouts. Treadmills that have a balance typically provide a better experience. Unfortunately, the Landice L7 Pro Sports Trainer is another machine that does not have this balance. Even still, the L7 Pro Sports Trainer makes up for the imbalance with a warranty that outshines nearly all other treadmill warranties. Accordingly, we have placed the L7 Pro Sports Trainer in the Third Place slot among our $4,000 to $5,999-dollar 2021 Best Buys.

Overall Quality

We have seen many treadmills over the years and, more recently, treadmills are being built with touchscreens that can surf the web. We have seen this kind of programming on treadmills in the lower price range and treadmills that cost thousands. With that said, we have noticed that some treadmills in the $4,000 to $5,999-dollar range do not have this programming or charge more for it. Certain brands like Matrix have made the additional programming affordable allowing you to have a well-built treadmill with programming. The Landice L7 Pro Sports Trainer, however, does not. Landice is charging upwards of eight-hundred dollars to add a screen to the L7 Pro Sports Trainer, yet you need a Roku or Firestick just to be able to utilize it in the same way. This would not be so bad if the L7 Pro Sports Trainer had more workout programs. But alas, this treadmill is sorely lacking in the technology category.

With that said, we simply cannot belittle the value that lies within the L7 Pro Sports Trainer’s warranty. Landice has built all their home fitness products with a lifetime warranty on all parts including the wear items*. It is important to think of the warranty as dollar signs that are basically added to the treadmill on top of the value that is built into it. Thus, the L7 Pro Sports Trainer comes equipped with one of the best warranties in the treadmill market. What the L7 Pro Sports Trainer lacks in programming, it surely makes up for with the warranty. If you are not too concerned with nice programs or if you can just put your treadmill in front of a TV somewhere, then you will likely enjoy many years of a solid performance from the L7 Pro Sports Trainer.

Things we like

  • One of the Best Treadmill Warranties
  • Strong Build

Things we dislike

  • X
    Screen Not Worth the Price
  • X
    Smaller Walking Area


Number of Programs 26 Executive Console, 20 Cardio Console, 10 Pro Sports Console, 7 Pro Trainer Console
Heart Rate Sensor and Type Depends on Console Choice
Horsepower 4
Speed Range .5 - 12
Incline/Decline Range 0 - 15
Weight Capacity 400 Lbs
Belt Size 20 x 58
Footprint N/A
Folds No
Weight of Unit 345
Warranty Lifetime Parts and Wear Items and 1 Yr Labor


Landice’s lifetime parts warranty specifies that “executive touch-screen control panel, headphone cables, and USB Port are warranted for defects in material and workmanship for a 5-year period”.


In previous reviews, we have remarked that the Landice L7 Pro Sports Trainer is a good quality treadmill for home use. Also, we have said the Landice’s home warranty has only been beaten by two other treadmills when we look at the market as a whole. This speaks highly of Landice and their ability to stand behind their products. The Landie L7 Pro Sports Trainer won our 2019 Best Buy Runner-Up award. In 2020 the Landice L7 Pro Sports Trainer won fourth place Best Buy.


While we are displeased with Landice’s inability to provided updated programming, the L7 Pro Sports Trainer is equipped with a notable warranty that adds a considerable amount of value. With this, we have awarded the L7 Pro Sports Trainer Third Place in our 2021 Best Buy race among the $4,000 to $5,999-dollar treadmills. The L7 Pro Sports Trainer is likely to be well-suited for a serious runner who is looking for a long-lasting, simple treadmill.

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