Landice L8 Pro Sports Trainer Treadmill Review

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How long will the Landice L8 Pro Sports Trainer last?

Designed to be rust-free and built with aircraft quality aluminum, the Landice L7 Pro Sports treadmill has a deceptive low weight of 340 lbs. that can hold a 500 lb. weight capacity. Landice backs up their product with a lifetime frame, motor, and parts warranty along with a 5-year console and 1 year labor warranty. There is even a reversable deck to help extend the life of this machine. Proper care and maintenance should net a moderate to heavy user many years of optimal exercise.

Brief Overview

The Landice L8 Pro Sports treadmill is designed with all users in mind, from the beginning walker to the more experienced athletic trainer. While not the most technologically elevated offering on the market, its durability and quality features are a marvel to behold, and this workhorse of a machine will please those fans who are not caught up on being completely engrossed in entertainment during workout experiences. There are quite a few add-ons to help customize each treadmill purchase and with this in mind, we caution buyers to compare the different brands on the market today as this is a highly competitive industry and what one company adds-on might already be an integrated feature of another treadmill offering.

Overall Quality

Built in the USA, the Landice L8 Pro Sports treadmill has customizable options to upgrade your workout experience. The choices start with the addition of an orthopedic belt and suspension system which is touted to feel better than running on grass. This additional $525 is for those who need extra cushioning, whether it be from older bodies or past injuries. The choices continue into entertainment options and users can purchase either a tablet bracket or VESA-D bracket which can hold either flat computer screen monitors or TVs. Sadly, it does not offer Bluetooth options and while the L8 Pro Sports model can monitor your heart rate – it cannot interactively share this information with fitness apps like the upgraded Achieve series and falls short in the technological playing field in comparison with other brands. The Landice L8 Pro Sports treadmill has a smooth performing 4.0 HP continuous duty drive motor with a 12 MPH speed range appealing to those who like too just flat out run. It allows users optimal stride lengths with a larger 22” x 63” running area, appealing to all sizes of exercising devotees, and reaches a maximum of 15% incline to intensify lower body workouts. For those who like to climb steeper grades, for an additional cost you can add in extended handrails for extra support when climbing. The L8 Pro Sports does come with water bottle holders, an accessory tray, and an easy to grip heart rate monitor.

Things we like

  • Warranty
  • Frame construction
  • Larger running area

Things we dislike

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    lack of technology
  • X


Speed Range 0.5 to 12.0 mph
Electric Elevation 15% grade
Running Area 22" x 63"
User Weight Capacity 500 Pounds
Voltage 110VAC, 50/60Hz, 15A Dedicated Line
Footprint 35" x 83


We are the only manufacturer to offer a Limited Lifetime Parts Warranty on our residential fitness products, and a limited 5-Years Parts / 1-Year Labor warranty for our commercial products