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Landice L7 Pro Trainer Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

Although Landice is not as good a deal as they were in the past they are still one of the highest quality brands on the market and runners commonly tell us that they won't run on anything but a Landice.

Overall Quality

Landice makes one of the higher quality machines on the market. You pay for the Landice name which is rightfully well known to runners. The Pro Trainer is the one I would consider in the Landice lineup. True makes a compelling case with the PS300 and although I like the quietness and the soft system of the PS300 better, I like some of the component quality of the Landice better. When you get into this class of treadmill, they all are high quality but they all have their points where they are better than the other brand.


Walking Area 8.15
Power 8
Cushioning 7.8
Reliability 8.1
Noise Level 6.8
Quality 7.5
Value 3.9
Warranty 9.5

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