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Landice L7 Executive Trainer Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

Some will be enamored with the fancy display screen and if you are, it is probably worth it but the drive train that is taking the beating is the same as the one on the $3,400 model and you get the shorter warranty for the fancy screen.

Overall Quality

The electronics are really a thing of beauty on this machine, too bad they reduced the warranty on these expensive beauties. The lower part of the machine is the same you get on the $3,400 model so unless you've just got to have the screen, save some money with the cheaper model and get a better warranty on the console. Overall, it is as solid a unit as you would want in a home treadmill and the refinement that Landice has picked up in the last 10 years has been exceptional.


Walking Area 8.15
Power 8
Cushioning 7.8
Reliability 8.1
Noise Level 6.8
Quality 7.5
Value 3.4
Warranty 9