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New SportsArt Treadmill Reviews

SportsArt T615

SportsArt made an effort with this machine. The problem is that the $3k market is going away. We ...

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Older SportsArt Reviews

Reviewed in 2016

SportsArt T635

A great machine with a jaw-dropping price. Although we would consider their low-end unit, their ...

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SportsArt T645

A $5,200 SportsArt made me snicker at first and when I saw they had a couple of models that sold ...

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SportsArt T655

The only thing that makes less sense than the T655 is the T949 from the same company. Why anyone ...

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SportsArt T675

When I saw SportsArt was trying to sell a $8,000 machine had me check my calendar to make sure it...

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Reviewed in 2014

SportsArt T611

SportsArt makes great looking and high quality machines. We used to think they were overpriced b...

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SportsArt T621

*Note: A great machine with a jaw-dropping price. Although we would consider their low-end units...

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SportsArt T631

*Note: True's ES series is the most refined home machine and many commercial models make more sen...

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Reviewed in 2013

SportsArt TR20f

The folding treadmill version of the value machine for SportsArt. We would go with the Sole fold...

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Reviewed in 2012

SportsArt 611

SportsArt makes great looking and high quality machines but when you see what you get for the pri...

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SportsArt 621

A great machine with a jaw-dropping price. Although we would consider their ellipticals, their h...

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SportsArt 631

If you pay $5300 for a SportsArt you must have not considered what else is on the market. True's...

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SportsArt TR20

The value proposition from SportsArt. Good machine for the money but when you can get a Precor f...

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Who Manufacturers SportsArt Treadmills?

General Information:SportsArt is an importer of machines from Taiwan. The only problem they have is that they are now trying to position their lineup as a premium brand and that category is already filled with the giants like Precor, Landice, and True.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Great industrial design once made these a high value proposition before they drastically raised prices. From our viewpoint, it looks like they are concentrating much harder on the commercial market, which, along with the price increases, makes the home models unattractive in our opinion.

Company Outlook : SportsArt has made some inroads in the commercial arena. The home ellipticals and treads are less of a value and we wonder where they fit in overall in the business, especially compared with machines from Precor, True, Landice, and other high-end brands. They seem to want to get a premium price with a value product. If you want to pay for a brand name without getting the brand, this is your choice!