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SportsArt T655 Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

The only thing that makes less sense than the T655 is the T949 from the same company. Why anyone would believe that people believed that the public wanted a $6,200 SportsArt is beyond me.

Overall Quality

SportsArt is trying to establish themselves as a high end brand with machines starting above $3k and going up to $8k. Even Landice doesn't try to go up to $8k but for whatever reason, SportsArt thinks it is a good idea. Do yourself a favor and don't agree with them.


Walking Area 9.7
Power 9.3
Cushioning 7.5
Reliability 8.3
Noise Level 6
Quality 6.7
Value 3.3
Warranty 8.3

Customer Reviews

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Tony- Heavy Duty Commercial TreadmillJul 25, 2019

Bought this for my wife (34 yrs) who religiously runs 5 miles per day and a regular marathon and 10,000km runs. Purchased April 2018 and absolutely zero issues these last 15 months. So somewhere morth of 2500 miles so far amd ahe loves it. Inclines to 15+/5-degrees and speed up to 12mph. Quieter than others and seriously worth the money. Factoring usage so far its down to approx. 6.bucks per use and I can seriously see it lasting another 15 months with no problems.