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SportsArt T611 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

SportsArt makes great looking and high quality machines. We used to think they were overpriced but everyone else just kept raising prices and SportsArt has held the line.

SportsArt T611 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








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Overall Rating: 7.09

SportsArt has their manufacturing base in Taiwan. Their long term goal appears to be to project their treadmills as a premium brand but it's not going to be easy to dislodge existing giants like Precor, Landice, and True that are towering over the "premium" range.

In the beginning SportsArt was known for fabulous industrial design wedded to superb value TMs, but then they changed their strategy by drastically raising prices. It looks very much like they are now focusing more on the commercial market, and that factor along with the price increase is making their home models less attractive in our opinion.

SportsArt appears to have made some inroads in the commercial arena. The problem is that the strategy has left their home ellipticals and treads at a lower value and disadvantaged when they are compared with machines from Precor, True, and other high-end brands.

If SportsArt insists on fixing a premium price for a value product the buyer may end up paying for a brand name without getting the brand! If reputation is a yardstick, then SportsArt models are considered by many as presenting some of the most popular treadmills in their price range. Design excellence and quality of components can be expected.

Bragging rights

Top performing 3 HP motor and a truly expansive 20" x 58" belt

12 mph speed range, 0 to15% incline range

Really good motor belting out sustained power to keep the deck moving efficiently and relatively noise free, making this an attractive treadmill for runners. Admittedly, there are cheaper models with the same motor capacity, but for enthusiastic runners, the excellent motor drive compatibility creates a smoother running experience.

The T611 offers runners wider and longer tread surface. This is excellent value for money at the $3000 mark although you can get a larger running area below $1000.

Cushioning is about as good as most should want

Myflex cushioning system does a competent job reducing the impact of heel strike and is durable enough to enjoy a lifetime warranty.

The T611 cushioning is praiseworthy and more advanced cushioning technology comes only in the super high end $4000+ range.

Max user weight 400 lbs, Unit weight is 229 lbs. and treadmill dimensions are 78" x 38" x 53"

Multiple users in the 200 pounds category and persons over 300 pounds should find the going comfortable without breaking the motor to a screeching halt. For really top level running performance real competition begins in the upper crust $4000+ club.

Warranty that is lifetime for frame and motor, 10 years for mechanical parts, 5 years for electronic parts, and 1 year labor is convincing and justified

Considering that you are benefiting from a large frame motor, better quality components and higher performance standards, the T611 warranty is more value for money.

Only factor that might change your mind

For $200 more the True PS300 ($3,199.00) model may be a better choice

SportsArt sells mid to premium-priced treadmills in the range from $3,000 to $5,300. With high prices like these at lowered value, the PS300 appears more attractive to serious runners.

Our verdict

SportsArt is renowned for their excellent customer support. The T611 is a strongly built, high quality treadmill.

For $3000, we would go with a True. It has a more refined feel with the attention to detail that you expect from a high-end home model.