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SportsArt T635 Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

A great machine with a jaw-dropping price. Although we would consider their low-end unit, their high-end tread make as much sense as a football bat. Now that they have three more units at prices up to $8k they must be thinking the public is getting richer and stupid.

Overall Quality

A SportsArt at $4,200 doesn't really compare with the units on the market from True and Landice. Although SportsArt has made some great strides over the years, they still don't stack up against the competition at the same price. If you can get a BIG discount, it might be well worth it but you simply don't get the quality from a SportsArt that you get from a comparable Landice unit, for instance. We see weak points with their electronics that you simply don't find with Landice in this price point.


Walking Area 9.5
Power 7.25
Cushioning 7.3
Reliability 8.1
Noise Level 6.2
Quality 6.4
Value 4.5
Warranty 8.2