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New xTerra Elliptical Reviews

xTerra FS 2.5

Your budget may have you looking at the Xterra FS 2.5 elliptical but make sure it is the right ma...

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xTerra EU100 Hybrid

The XTERRA EU100 Hybrid is our 2022 1st place Best Buy Award Winner for the $0 - $399 price range...

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xTerra EU150 Hybrid

The Xterra EU150 is a start up innovative fitness machine that combines a limited elliptical stri...

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Older xTerra Reviews

Reviewed in 2021

xTerra FS 1.5

See how the Treadmill Doctor ranks the FS 1.5 in our Xterra elliptical review before you buy!

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xTerra FS3.0

The XTERRA FS3.0 is our 2022 3rd place Best Buy Winner in the $400 - $699 price range. It comes w...

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Reviewed in 2017

xTerra Free Style 4.0e

The xTerra Free Style 4.0e is a value machine made by the same company that produces Sole. It is...

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xTerra Free Style 5.4e

The Free Style 5.4e gives you good quality for a moderate price. While better quality than Profo...

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xTerra Free Style 5.6e

The Free Style 5.6e is not really a great value. While a good quality machine for the price you ...

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xTerra Free Style 5.8e

At $1299, the Free Style 5.8e gives you a great value with good quality for the money. Primarily...

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xTerra FS4.0

The FS4.0 by Xterra is a better choice than the FS 150 or the FS3.5 but we would recommend that i...

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xTerra FS150

The Xterra FS1.5 Elliptical is a previous Best Buy Winner in the lowest price range and has sever...

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xTerra FS3.5

Though the price tag might seem appealing, be sure that the Xterra FS 3.5 has enough quality befo...

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xTerra FS400

The Xterra FS400 is the lowest priced Xterra that we can comfortably recommend. Xterra does a mu...

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Reviewed in 2013

xTerra FS 1.5e

The only good thing about the FS 1.5e is the warranty.

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xTerra FS 1.7e

Paying $379 for a FS 1.7e might be considered a bad joke, if xTerra wasn't serious about it.

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xTerra FS 2.5e

An OK machine from a company that has a history of making bad products in this price range. We w...

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xTerra FS 5.25 e

The FS 5.25 is a decent elliptical with an appropriate value proposition. It is, however, starti...

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xTerra FS 5.3 e

Almost identical to the FS 5.25 e, for $300 less. The FS 5.3 e makes a lot of sense from a value ...

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xTerra FS 5.5 e

A solid machine without the extras you get from Sole, which is made by the same manufacturer. Th...

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xTerra FS 5.7 e

The FS 5.7 e is a solid elliptical with a very good warranty. Compared with the new Epic ellipti...

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Reviewed in 2012

xTerra FS 5.25es

The xTerra FS 5.25e is a solid elliptical with a good value proposition. Considering that you ge...

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xTerra FS 5.5es

The best thing that can be said about the FS 5.5e is that it is sold at Costco. Really, that is p...

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xTerra FS 5.7es

The FS 5.7e is a good elliptical, but a poor choice with many better options at this price. If y...

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Reviewed in 2011

xTerra FS220e

At $999 this is not bad, but you get a lot more from the Sole E25 at the same price.

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xTerra FS320e

The FS420e is a better value at 1199.

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xTerra FS420e

The FE420e is a real good buy at $1199. xTerra is a product line from Dayco, builders of Spirit, ...

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Who Manufacturers xTerra Ellipticals?

General Information:This is a brand sold at Costco, online and in sporting goods stores and made by Dyaco International who also produces the Sole treadmills as well as their own Spirit brand. They are known for product innovation. Their treadmills are typically found in the mid-price ranges but Xterra is more of Dyaco's mass market brand.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Decent parts combined with a value price makes Xterra worth looking at if you are in the market for a mid-range treadmill. These face heavy competition from Dyaco's other brands, as well as Icon and Johnson.

Company Outlook : Dyaco International has wanted to be a bigger player in the US market and maybe Xterra will be the way for them to get it done. They are certainly getting the distribution to have an opportunity to do so, but only time will tell. Dyaco has been good with product support so we would expect the same for the Xterra brand.