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xTerra FS 2.5 Elliptical Review

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How long will the xTerra FS 2.5 last?

Longevity We have noted that the FS 2.5 has a decent build but remember that is in our cheap context. Among the other ellipticals in the lower bracket, the FS 2.5 is stronger and more likely to last the full year instead of just a few months. This elliptical is also a plug-in elliptical as are most in the lower price bracket. With this, we want to make sure we note that a lot of people experience power surges that will fry your machine simply because they do not unplug it. Since the Xterra FS 2.5 does not have the console under warranty, you will want to be sure to take this extra step. We also want to note that even though Xterra says this model has a 300 pound weight capacity, that does not mean it will hold up well to someone of that stature. Really, a smaller person who only works out a few times a week would be the best user for this machine. Assuming you do take good care of this elliptical and you are a lighter user, the Xterra FS 2.5 should be able to last at least a year if not a little longer.

Brief Overview

There is a market for cheaper machines, and if we were to compare the FS 2.5, we would say it is the winner of the losers. There are redeemable features like the flywheel, resistance levels, and warranty. But at the end of the day, remember the Xterra FS 2.5 is a cheap elliptical and will perform like one. That said, we have awarded the FS 2.5 our First Place 2021 Best Buy Award for the $399 and Under category.

Overall Quality

There are a number of features that help the FS 2.5 stand out, but let’s start with the bad side of the coin so we can set the context. Unlike machines that are a grand and up, you aren’t going to see quality checked in each box among the cheap ellipticals. If there is one constant it would be that cheap ellipticals are built cheap and are not going to last long. We can see that with the FS 2.5 with the cheaper components and weaker build. Sure, among this price range the FS 2.5 stands out. But when you look at the elliptical market as a whole, you see that this Xterra elliptical is not meant for serious users.

Now that we have set the mood, let’s get on to the features that are pleasantly surprising especially for an elliptical in this price range. For starters, the FS 2.5 comes in with twenty-two pound flywheel and twenty-four resistance levels! Among our top four in this bracket, the FS 2.5 takes the cake with these two features. We often look for the flywheel weight to be at least fifteen pounds or more because it helps with the smoothness of the workout and stronger resistance. The flywheel acts as a place holder of momentum between you applying pressure with one foot and then the other. So, the FS 2.5’s heavy flywheel is rather remarkable for this price range. The warranty is also not terrible among this Xterra’s competitors with a five-year frame and one-year parts. The console is not covered but it is so simple that you shouldn’t see too many issues with it. We like to note that the FS 2.5’s console is really a nice addition and is not commonplace when you consider the price tag.

Things we like

  • Heavier Flywheel
  • 24 Resistance Levels
  • Decent Build
  • Okay Warranty

Things we dislike

  • X
  • X
    Not Built to Last


Number of Programs 12
Console 5 in
Flywheel Weight 22 lbs
Drive System Rear
Resistance Levels 24
Seat N/A
Handlebars EKG Sensors
Pedals Oversized
Transport Wheels Front
Foot Print 51 x 24
Weight Capacity 300 lbs
Unit Weight 103.6 lbs
Warranty Five Year Frame and One Year Parts


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When we consider the Xterra FS 2.5 to our overall standard features, we see just how cheap this elliptical is. But when you see the heavier flywheel, higher resistance, okay build, and decent warranty among the cheap ellipticals, the FS 2.5 stands out. As a result, we have awarded the Xterra FS 2.5 our First Place 2021 Best Buy Award for the $399 and Under category.

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