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xTerra FS 1.5e Elliptical Review

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Brief Overview

The only good thing about the FS 1.5e is the warranty.

Overall Quality

The only thing that recommends the FS 1.5e is the warranty. Dyaco, the company that makes xTerra, does not have a good history of producing products under $500 that are decent quality. If they are willing to give it a 5 year warranty, it may be worth taking a chance on.</p> The xTerra FS1.5e is not an impressive elliptical. At $299, it's impossible to find a decent machine. Quality components cost more money than this model sells for. The warranty on this machine is nice, however. This is the one thing that makes us think this elliptical might be worth considering.</p> Ergonomically speaking, this machine is horrible. There isn't a single elliptical that we reviewed that offers a less natural range of motion. There are models that sell for $20 less that are slightly better ergonomically, and many of the models that cost a couple hundred dollars more provide a much more natural range of motion. The lack of adjustability is awful, as well. The stride length is fixed at 14", giving you no options to fit this machine to your body type. There are 16 levels of resistance, which gives you some ability to align your workout with your fitness levels. It's hard to find an elliptical with less options for adjustments.</p> As far as projected reliability is concerned, this model is deplorable. Out of all the ellipticals we cover, none have a shorter life expectancy. The quality of parts used is also terrible. This doesn't come as a major surprise considering how inexpensive this elliptical is.</p> The noise levels of this machine are very high. Most elliptical make about the same amount of noise, but those that sell for less than $1,000 are generally a bit louder. This is one of the few models that we consider to be extremely loud during operation. An extra $100 will get you a much quieter elliptical.</p> The warranty on the xTerra FS1.5e is good at this price. Parts are covered for 1 year, and the frame is covered for 5 years. Most ellipticals don't offer coverage this good at this low of a cost.</p>


Adjustability 1
Reliability 2
Noise Level 2
Value 4
Warranty 6
Quality 2
Ergonomics 1

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