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New Star Trac Treadmill Reviews

Star Trac 8-TRX

Is the Star Track 8-TRX really worth all the hype? See how the Treadmill Doctor rates the 8-TRX ...

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Older Star Trac Reviews

Reviewed in 2017

Star Trac E-TRxe

The personal touch screen high definition monitor built into the console, it is an interesting co...

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Reviewed in 2016

Star Trac E-TR

The budget model in the E-TR lineup at only $6,000! It is a serious machine with a 500 weight cap...

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Star Trac E-TRi

The base E-TR model with the addition of a personal entertainment screen. Has no one ever heard o...

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Star Trac E-TRx

Excellent treadmill that has all of the basics that you would ever need in a treadmill- and it sh...

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Star Trac E-TRxi

The excellent TRx with a 15" personal HD TV to boot. You're better off buying a separate HD TV f...

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Star Trac S-TRc

Near the low end of the Star Trac line if you can call it low-end. A very high quality machine. ...

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Star Trac S-TRx

The classic Star Trac design being directly marketed to the home. Although you get the few extra...

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Reviewed in 2012

Star Trac Elite

The granddaddy of the Star Trac line. If you can find a deal like they had last season on them, t...

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Star Trac Pro S

A big, feature packed treadmill with the quality to boot.

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Star Trac TR4500

The classic Star Trac design being directly marketed to the home.

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Reviewed in 2011

Star Trac E-TRe

Touchscreen drives the price of this unit up but you get what you pay for.

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Star Trac P-TR

A serious treadmill for someone who needs a serious machine. This is Star Trac's 'budget' versi...

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Reviewed in 2010

Star Trac S-TR

A real winner for Star Trac! Don't believe the retailers that tell you that you can get a $6000 ...

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Who Manufacturers Star Trac Treadmills?

General Information:Star Trac was started by the original designers of the Lifecycle stationary cycle. Their treadmills are popular in clubs. Star Trac branded product is simply their commercial machines labeled for the consumer market. If you are shooting for quality regardless of price then Star Trac is a great choice.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Star Trac puts very high quality electronics in their machines and then lets the rest fall into place. At full retail price, it is so-so deal for the price. With the big discounts we saw in their online store, Star Tracs made quite a bit of sense if you were considering a $4000 to $5000 home treadmill.

Company Outlook : Star Trac is big in the club market because they are a value alternative and cheaper products will always sell well. We would expect them to be around for product support for a long time.