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Star Trac Treadmill Review Index

General Information:Star Trac was started by the original designers of the Lifecycle stationary cycle. Their treadmills are popular in clubs. Star Trac branded product is simply their commercial machines labeled for the consumer market. If you are shooting for quality regardless of price then Star Trac is a great choice.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Star Trac puts very high quality electronics in their machines and then lets the rest fall into place. At full retail price, it is so-so deal for the price. With the big discounts we saw in their online store, Star Tracs made quite a bit of sense if you were considering a $4000 to $5000 home treadmill.

Company Outlook : Star Trac is big in the club market because they are a value alternative and cheaper products will always sell well. We would expect them to be around for product support for a long time.