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Star Trac 8-TRX Treadmill Review

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How long will the Star Trac 8-TRX last?

The Star Trac 8-TRX is built with a good amount of quality, but it is not so much that we are completely blown away. Let’s just say that we could not confidently tell you that the Star Trac 8-TRX would be the last treadmill you’ll ever buy. Sure, this treadmill is built for a heavy runner, but for the price, you should be receiving a lot more durability than you are with the 8-TRX.

With all that said, if you do just absolutely love the Star Trac 8-TRX, then you should be able to see at least ten years of solid use out of it. Mind you, we always recommend brushing up on your treadmill maintenance knowledge. Knowing how to maintain your belt and keep your treadmill clean can add years to its life no matter how much it costs.

Brief Overview

We have had our concerns about the Star Trac 8-TRX’s price tag, but things are starting to look up for this treadmill. All of the workouts, technology, and build now matched with a slightly lower price tag help to make this treadmill one to consider. Still, we do think there are similar quality treadmills for a lot less. Accordingly, we have placed the Star Trac 8-TRX in our Fourth Place 2021 Best Buy slot for the $6,000 and Up category.

Overall Quality

We do love good machines here at Treadmill Doctor, but we do certainly draw the line with treadmills that are a little ridiculous. The Star Trac 8-TRX used to be $10,000 dollars. You could literally buy a car for that much! But this year they have knocked about $800 off the original price which may mean you can cut a deal with a retailer. Now that the Star Track 8-TRX is no longer in the stratosphere, we can actually consider the features and overall value.

For starters, the Star Trac 8-TRX basically has a simple computer in it. The OpenHub Console has HDMI connectivity, access to millions of workouts, web-capability, and it can connect to smart devices like your Apple Watch. Of course, this is the nicer console which means that it costs a pretty penny.

So what if you only wanted the basic LCD console option, is the Star Trac 8-TRX’s build still good enough? Eh. Don’t get us wrong, the Star Trac 8-TRX is a solid machine built with tons of quality and should last for a very long time. But what do you expect from such an expensive machine? If we look at just the treadmill, then the Star Trac 8-TRX is not really all that much better than some of our other top treadmills in this high price range like the Woodway 4Front or the True Excel 900 or even the LifeFitness Platinum Club. Unless you really need to have a computer attached to your treadmill, you may want to shop around and see if the Star Trac 8-TRX holds up to treadmills that are a few thousand dollars less. Chances are, you will find that Star Trac spent a lot of money on their fancy consoles and programming while other companies used their budgets for the actual build.

Things we like

  • HDMI Streadming Available
  • Millions of Wokouts
  • Strong Build

Things we dislike

  • X
  • X
    Not the Best Warranty
  • X
    Pre-Programmed Workouts


Speed Range 0-15 mph
Incline/Decline Range 0 - 20%
Heart Rate Sensor and Type EKG Grip Monitors
Horsepower 5
Weight Capacity 500
Walking Area 21.5 x 60
Folds No
Unit Weight 447
Warranty Lifetime Frame, 3 Yr Motor, Parts, and Labor, 1 Yr Wear Items


In previous reviews, we have enjoyed the strong build and numerous workouts that come with the 8-TRX. But, we have been sorely concerned about the $10,000 dollar price tag.


While we can get behind a high-quality treadmill with tons of features and technology, we cannot see paying nearly $10,000 dollars on a machine that does not crush its competition. The Star Trac 8-TRX has a lot of features and a very strong build. But for the money you are paying, you should be able to see a little bit more. Consequently, we recommend shopping around before you decide on our Fourth Place 2021 Best Buy winner for the $6,000 and Up category.