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New Spirit Treadmill Reviews

Spirit XT385

The Spirit XT 385 is not the most impressive treadmill from the outside, but the inside is someth...

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Older Spirit Reviews

Reviewed in 2019

Spirit XT685

The Spirit XT 685 is not the most impressive treadmill from the outside, but the inside is someth...

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Spirit XT185

The Spirit XT 185 is not the most impressive treadmill from the outside, but the inside is someth...

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Reviewed in 2018

Spirit XT175

*Note: It is a solid entry-level treadmill. If you can get it for $999, you have a real winner! ...

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Spirit XT675

This is one of the most underrated machines on the market and stacks up well against anything in ...

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Reviewed in 2017

Spirit XT485

Great package. With the economy in the state that it is in, you should be able to get your Spiri...

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Reviewed in 2016

Spirit XT285

It is well worth stepping up to this model from the XT185 if you are interested in the Spirit lin...

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Reviewed in 2009

Spirit Esprit ET2

A very solid machine from Spirit. It is essentially Spirit's old Z series updated with the lates...

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Spirit Esprit ET4

A model that gets kind of lost in the shuffle. We would either save some money and move down the...

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Spirit Esprit ET6

The ET6 with the LED screen vs. the LCD of the ET4 makes much more sense. I guess we are just bi...

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Spirit Esprit ET8

Once you get to this point in the Esprit line, your eyes should start wandering to other brands u...

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Spirit XT275

Well worth considering if you are in the $1500 price range- especially if you can get a discount....

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Spirit XT375

Spirit has really caught fire over the last year and has their act together. The XT line has hel...

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Spirit XT475

With so many options in the $2000 range, it is hard to stand out but the XT475 stands out. If yo...

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Who Manufacturers Spirit Treadmills?

General Information:Spirit Fitness is a company that was started in the early 80's and has produced many types of products and started producing fitness products in the late 80's. They are known for product innovation. Their treadmills are typically mid-priced. Dyaco International purchased Spirit years ago and all of their production is offshore. The quality has been improving and Dyaco has made a huge investment in the Spirit brand.

Manufacturing Philosophy:The once totally US owned factory is now a subsidiary of Dyaco, who hails from Taiwan. The practice of putting decent parts in their treadmills has continued once again and they are trying to fill the value segment with many decent choices. With heavy competition from Icon and Horizon, it will be interesting to see how they do.

Company Outlook : Dyaco has poured quite a bit of money into the Spirit brand to revitalize it and the results are showing. Their move to a more value oriented business should help their results.