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Spirit XT685 Treadmill Review

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How long will the Spirit XT685 last?

Though we have our concerns about how the Spirit XT 685 stacks up to other treadmills in this price range, we are not one bit concerned about its build. This treadmill may not look as nice or have as much technology built into it, but Spirit has made this model to last. We would confidently recommend the XT 685 for a moderate runner looking for a durable machine. Just keep in mind proper maintenance and care go a long way no matter what treadmill you buy.

Brief Overview

The Spirit XT 685 is a well-built, durable treadmill that is sure to hold up well to continuous exercise. With that said, this treadmill lacks a few valuable features and does not have the same company backing as some of the other treadmills in this price range. Accordingly, we have awarded the XT 685 our Third Place 2020 Best Buy slot for the $2,000 to 2,999 dollar range.

Overall Quality

We all have our stories of different car companies. Usually, you are either a Chevy house or a Ford house. A Mercedes or a BMW. Even a Nissan or a Honda. We argue that this car is better or that one has a nicer feel but what our loyalties usually boil down to are the places and people who sell and service our vehicles. Treadmills can honestly be looked at in the same way. Once you pass that $2,000 dollar threshold, you enter into the land of durable, quality treadmills. You are then left to decide which companies you like based on the different offers they make during the selling stage all the way to how they behave when they take care of your treadmill. We even have our favorites here at Treadmill Doctor.

We say all this to say that the Spirit XT 685’s value when compared to other treadmills in this price range really boils down to two major things: how well the people selling this treadmill treat you and how well they take care of you afterward. Nearly all treadmills in this upper price range are going to be built well. The Spirit XT 685, of course, has a remarkable build that is sure to warrant as much longevity as its $2,300 dollar price tag warrants it to. But, as for the company that sells and services this machine, how do they fare?

Well Spirit, owned by Dyaco, has slowly built a name for themselves over the years. They have also done well selling the Xterra treadmills which we also like. But, in this price range, you begin to compete with very well established companies like True and then on the other side you have NordicTrack basically selling a flat-screen tv with their model. As for the company, True has a much better reputation. And in the light of the NordicTrack models, the XT 685 is certainly not as valuable.

Bottom line, the XT 685 is a very solid machine with a wonderful warranty and quality build. But, there are other treadmills in this price range that are sold by companies who are known to provide better service. And there are models that offer much more value for the price. We would simply recommend shopping around before you make such a big investment to be sure your money is spent wisely.

Things we like

  • Good Warranty
  • Strong Motor and Build
  • Decent Company
  • 12 Built-In Workouts

Things we dislike

  • X
    Not as Many Features


Heart Rate Sensor and Type Contact & Telemetric; Heart Rate Strap included
Horsepower 4
Speed Range .5 - 12
Incline/Decline Range 0 - 15
Weight Capacity 425 Lbs
Belt Size 22 x 60
Footprint 78 x 31.9 x 56.1
Folds Yes
Weight of Unit 269 Lbs
Warranty Lifetime Frame, Motor and Deck, 10Yr Parts, 1Yr Labor
Pre-Programmed Workouts 12


In previous reviews, we have said that the XT 685 is one of the most underrated machines on the market and that it stacks up well against anything in its price range. We have noted that you may want to shop around, but have still given the Spirit 685 good marks.


We are pleased to see how much quality and durability Spirit has put into the XT 685. In comparison to other treadmills in this price range, though, the XT 685 may not have the best company backing or value for the price. So, we recommend shopping around first to before you give our 2020 Best Buy Third Place for the $2,000 to 2,999 dollar range a try.

Customer Reviews

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Joe Sander- Look around before buyingNov 13, 2019

Bought this treadmill couple of years ago. I like that it has solid deck and mechanic. The general lay out is poor. Cup holders are angled and shallow. The holders will not hold a water bottle without falling out while running. The cup holders under the console are too low and small. You can't see the console display at different angles. If you move you head too far to the left or right the screen is blank. Heart rate monitor with only work with a rigid chest strap and not with the polar soft chest strap. Speakers on the console are hard to hear. I would look around before buying.

John Moore- Solid TreadmillJan 06, 2020

I just wanted a treadmill that was durably built, and did not need a lot of different console features because I mostly just get on and run at a continuous speed. The Spirit 685 is very durably built, I have had other treadmills that shake while I run on them. Very pleased at the quality of the treadmill for the price I got it for.

Sarah- Not a professional machine Jun 30, 2020

I just bought mine, but I see a few details that doesn’t make the Treadmill a professional machine. Very poor functions; Heart rate, does not have a stop button for emergency, speed very slow to change up to or down. I give a poor rate. I was expecting a lot more.

Edward- Solid TreadmillDec 11, 2020

I bought the Spirit XT685 about three months ago and am very impressed with the stability of this machine. I don't need a monitor and complex software attached to my treadmill. I just want the basics. I bought this through a fitness speciality store and if required would get service/repairs through them. Very happy with my purchase, which I got on sale for $2000. In 2020, Treadmill Doctor rated this 3rd place in the $2000 - $ 2999 price range.