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Spirit XT185 Treadmill Review

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How long will the Spirit XT185 last?

The best thing about the Spirit XT 185 is the build. This treadmill may not look as nice or have as much technology built into it, but Spirit has made this model to last. We would confidently recommend the XT 185 for someone who is just starting out with their running career or maybe a moderate runner who is on a budget. Sure, the XT 185 is not going to be as strong as a more expensive model, but it is likely to last longer than other treadmills in this price range. Just keep in mind proper maintenance and care go a long way no matter what treadmill you buy.

Brief Overview

In this price range, you will find treadmills that are best suited for moderate users that have okay builds and some technology. Our top treadmills in this category do a good job of offering a balance between technology and build for a decent price. But the Spirit XT 185 does not have much balance at all. This treadmill is nearly all build and no features. With that said, it is hard to pass up such a strong treadmill for this price especially if you are a runner on a budget. Accordingly, we have awarded the XT 185 our Fourth Place 2020 Best Buy slot for the $1,300 to $1,499 dollar range.

Overall Quality

Usually, we like to encourage people who really want to increase their running times and workout intensity to go for a treadmill that is more durable. For the most part, more durable treadmills are upwards of $2,000 dollars and up and are the best treadmills for serious runners. But there are some exceptions to the rules. The Spirit XT 185, for instance, is a nice change among the feature-heavy treadmills in the $2,000 and under price ranges. The XT 185’s attributes include a strong build backed by an impressive motor drive system that is built to withstand more intense, consistent workouts. Additionally, the XT 185’s durability is backed by a lifetime frame, motor, and deck, five-year parts, and one-year labor warranty. Among our top four treadmills for this price range, this warranty is one of the best.

We also like the company that makes the XT 185. Dyaco, the manufacturer of brands like Xterra and Spirit, has a good reputation for good service and strong products. If good service and build are aspects that far outweigh screens and additional workouts, then the XT 185 may be for you.

But, of course, we have to consider the price range, buyer type, and overall value. Usually, this mid-high price range contains treadmills that can withstand moderate jogging and light running but have tons of built-in workouts, touchscreens, incline, decline, high speed, and other features. As for the XT 185, you get a small, LED touchscreen with six built-in workouts, ten levels of incline and ten-speed settings. Not all that impressive to those who love all the bells and whistles. So if you are someone who likes the additional, style-based features then maybe this is not the treadmill for you. And, looking at the XT 185 from an overall value perspective, the price tag is a tad high. When you can spend the same (and even less) money on a treadmill that has way more features and an okay build, then you can see that the XT 185 may not be worth $1,499. With that said, Spirit often slashes prices for other retailers so you may be able to find a better deal and reevaluate the XT 185’s overall value.

Things we like

  • Decent Warranty
  • Strong Motor and Build

Things we dislike

  • X
    6 Built-In Workouts
  • X
    Smaller Belt
  • X
    Less Incline and Speed Capacity


Pre-Programmed Workouts 6
Heart Rate Sensor and Type EKG Grip Monitors
Horsepower 2.75
Speed Levels 10
Incline/Decline Levels 10
Weight Capacity 275
Walking Area 20 x 55
Folds Yes
Unit Weight 233
Warranty Lifetime Frame, Deck and Motor, 5 Yr Parts, 1 Yr Labor


In the past, we have liked the XT 185’s motor and build systems but have not been impressed with its lack of features. Additionally, we have noted that other the brother brands of Xterra, like Sole, have better features for more reasonable prices. We have mainly recommended this treadmill for those who like a strong treadmill more than anything else.


If you are a runner trying to purchase your first decent runners’ treadmill or looking to save a few dollars, then you may not mind the Spirit XT 185. This treadmill does not have as many features but it does have a solid build. We only recommend you try and find the XT 185 on sale. If you cannot, then the XT 185 is not the best bang for your buck in this price range. Suitably, we awarded the Spirit XT 185 our 2020 Best Buy Fourth Place for the $1,300 to $1,499 dollar range a try.

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Jeff Decker- Solid TreadmillJan 20, 2020

Solid treadmill with a simple console, just what I needed to get my walks in during the winter.

G. Olson- Spirit 185 reviewMar 29, 2020

I have and had my treadmill for about 8 years. It has only needed routine belt cleaning, and lubrication. I just recently needed to tighten the drive belt-- after 8 years. A simple fix for squeaky / slipping belt. I use the treadmill about 4 times a week during the winter. And a few times a month in the summer when it is stormy weather. I rarely use the programs, but adjust the incline or speed on my own. I use the speed at 5-6 mph as my pace- generally for one hour. I've done 2-hour workouts without any issues. This has been a quality treadmill--given the price and years of use.

Tom- Customer Service is terrible. Dec 05, 2020

Was a solid treadmill at first. After light use it stopped running one day. At first Spirit Customer Service was helpful. When the replacement parts they sold me did not work they fell off the face of the earth. Currently I am not even asking for anything more then advice how to proceed. Likely is going to cost us way more then the treadmill is worth to have a tech come out to fix. I would not recommend the Spirit treadmills.