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Spirit XT385 Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

Great looking package with high quality parts. You can do much worse with a brand other than Spirit. With that said, you can get the Sole F80 made by the same factory for $400 to $500 less.

Overall Quality

Spirit's has really caught fire over the last few years and has their act together. The XT line has held up well from reports we have heard from consumers and dealers. The machines are some of the best they have put out in the last decade. With all of that said, they are falling short when you see what features that Johnson and Icon are putting into their machines. While the competition has a tech and feature edge, the competition has also caught up in terms of component quality. We'll see how Spirit competes.


Walking Area 8.15
Power 7
Cushioning 6.4
Reliability 6.3
Noise Level 4.8
Quality 4.8
Value 3.9
Warranty 8.5

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