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New Sole Elliptical Reviews

Sole E25

Sole's E25 has been a staple of the $1000 elliptical club for years and years, and I don't believ...

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Sole E35

The Sole E35 is a nice sturdy elliptical but lacks the technical and ergonomic features that are ...

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Sole E55

We talk a lot about style and substance in our reviews. Unfortunately, we stumble upon a lot of m...

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Sole E95

Once again, we have found a model that does not have a very good balance between function and sty...

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Sole E95S

The E95S is the adjustable stride version of the E95. While it provides better features than the...

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Sole E98

The Sole E98 is their light commercial machine and frankly if you are looking for extreme durabil...

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Older Sole Reviews

Reviewed in 2016

Sole E20

Sole makes very good ellipticals but the E20 really doesn't stand up well to the rest of their el...

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Sole XG 400

Don't waste your time when you can get the real thing at the same price point.

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Reviewed in 2012

Sole E 25s

Our 2nd runner up in the $999 category, the E25 is a high quality machine with a long history of ...

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Sole E 35s

Our 1st runner up in the $1299 category, the Sole E35, is a perennial award winner. Sole consist...

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Sole E 55s

Our best buy award winner in the $1499 category is the multi-year champion the Sole E55. Since w...

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Sole E 98s

Our best buy award winner in the $2499 price range, the E98 from Sole offers great quality for th...

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Sole XE 195s

The Spirit XE 195 is a solid elliptical with a less certain value proposition. Spirit packs a lo...

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Sole XE 395s

The XE 395 is a quality machine that really makes no sense if you are a reasonable consumer. Why...

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Who Manufacturers Sole Ellipticals?

General Information:Sole Fitness is a company that sells decent quality treadmills and ellipticals that are built for them by Dyaco International. These machines are primarily sold at Dick's Sporting Goods, Sole's website, and on various mass-market websites like Sole has quickly established their brand as a good value alternative and they have very broad distribution. They have blanketed the web with so many people promoting them it is hard to turn around on the web without bumping into them...just remember that the majority of the people promoting them are affiliate sites.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Sole Fitness is putting good components on their machines which makes perfect sense since they are putting such a long warranty on it. They are trying to sell their machines at a value price with a high end warranty and the result is quite good. We would expect another strong year for Sole.

Company Outlook : From a startup just a few years ago to putting treadmills for rent in hotels all over the USA, Sole Fitness has quickly established itself as a mass-market player in the USA. The line is in need of a redesign just to bring the product up to today's standards but as happens with companies that achieve a good measure of success, it is easy to rest upon your laurels.