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Sole E95 Elliptical Review

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How long will the Sole E95 last?

Longevity So all in all, we at Treadmill Doctor like the overall quality of this Sole E95. So the big question is how long do we think this elliptical is going to last. We know that the frame is solid and so does Sole. In fact, the manufacturer gives you a lifetime frame warranty. This should be a standard warranty for ellipticals in this price range, but it is unfortunately not. So that is a plus. The folks at Sole also give the E95 a five-year warranty on parts and electronics, which is one of the best warranties in this ellipticals price range. You also get a two-year labor warranty which is better than virtually all of its competition as well. In this regard, Sole is ahead of some of its more technology-infused competition. So, we know you have the reassurance of a good warranty with this Sole E95. Sole has faith in this machine lasting a good number of years and so do we.

We would caution, that as well as we think of this Sole has been built, we do find the 400 LB weight capacity to be misleading. If you are a professional wrestler and weigh 400 LB's we think you would probably tear this machine up. As with any fitness equipment in this price range, there is a bit of luck involved in the number of quality years you will actually get out of these machines. A lot of it comes down to you and how you take care of your stuff. We cannot stress the importance of proper assembly enough as well. There are lots of moving parts in and on an elliptical that need to be checked periodically. If you do those simple things, we at Treadmill Doctor feel you should get some quality years out of this Sole E95. And it is always nice to have the reassurance of one of the best warranties for ellipticals in this price range in your back pocket.

Brief Overview

Once again, we have found a model that does not have a very good balance between function and style. Sole has yet to update their technology, but they do know how to make a quality elliptical. The E95 has Sole’s reputable build accompanied by a few utility-based features. Despite the E95’s lack of technology, we have recognized the amount of value that Sole has put into their machine at a reasonable price. Accordingly, the E95 has won our Second Place Award for the 2021 Best Buys in the $1,500 to $1,999-dollar range.

Overall Quality

We all like a good home-cooked Southern meal, but let’s face it. They are certainly not the prettiest plate presentations out there. Sometimes you go to your mama’s house and wonder how so many side dishes can be a yellow-brownish color. Still, sometimes a bowl of white bean soup and a piece of cornbread can be much better than a dab of rice with a forty-dollar sliver of salmon. The Sole E95 is like a bowl of white bean soup. It has good quality and not much else. Sole has yet to update their technology and continue to create technology that barely competes with other brands. And to top it off, Sole only included ten preprogrammed workouts; we have ellipticals in this price range that have forty-three workouts. A measly ten is almost shameful for this price bracket.

With that said, one cannot deny the quality and functionality that the E95 has to offer. Sole kept their adjustable pedals, a unique feature for the Sole brand. They claim that the user can adjust the angle of the pedal which will allow more comfort during the workout. Sole claims that the adjustable pedals can help alleviate strain on a user's toes or help those who have issues with their Achille's tendons. While we cannot speak to the effectiveness of the adjustable pedals, it is an added feature that increases the E95's value. Sole has also kept their strong build and a decent warranty. The sturdy build and five-year electronics, five-year parts, and two-year labor warranty help to increase the E95's durability and value. The E95 also leads our top four in this price range in the incline category. This elliptical has the ability to reach twenty different incline levels with the press of a button which will help increase the intensity of your workout.

We would like to point out that we have found the Sole E95 for $1,599 dollars. At this price, the E95 is only a hundred dollars more than Sole's E55. If you like Sole in particular and are looking in this price range, the E95 has a better warranty, more features, and a better console. The additional value is certainly worth the extra hundred dollars.

Things we like

  • Adjustable Pedals
  • Most Incline Ability in Top Four
  • Strong Build
  • Worth the Price Jump Compared to Other Sole Ellipticals

Things we dislike

  • X
    Lowest Number of Workouts in Top Four
  • X
    Dated Technology


Number of Programs 10
Console 10 in. LCD
Flywheel Weight 30 lbs
Drive System Front
Resistance Levels Electronic
Seat N/A
Foot Print 82 x 34 x 14
Weight Capacity 400 lbs
Heart Rate Sensors Pulse Grips and Chest Strap Compatible
Weight of Unit 265 lbs
Warranty Lifetime Frame 5 Yr Electronics 5 Yr Parts 2 Yr Labor


In the past, we have been pleased with the Sole E95’s quality build. We have said that the E95 is a better purchase than a Life Fitness in this price range as it offers more features and a similar quality. But we have also said that Sole may be losing its market a bit as they have yet to update their technology. The E95's incline ability helped it win our Third Place Award for the 2019 Best Buys in the $1,500 to $1,999-dollar range.


We have awarded the Sole E95 our Second Place 2021 Best Buy Award for the $1,500 to $1,999 dollar price range mainly because of the quality that it is built with. Sole has not been known to include updated technology, but they have managed to include a decent looking console along with multiple utility-based features. The E95 has a sturdy build, adjustable pedals, a wide incline range, and a decent warranty which help to make it a reasonable value for the price. Accordingly, a moderate, daily user will likely see many years of good quality use out of the Sole E95.

Customer Reviews

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nelson sharp- My unit is JunkAug 12, 2019

My unit failed after a few hrs of use. Sole sent a service rep and fixed it. About a Yr later ( 3 months of actual use at a second home) It failed again with the same failure( inability to adjust level) but now out of full warranty. To their credit, Sole service was very helpful in trying to diagnose and sending me parts(still under parts warranty). To date I have spent 40 hrs replacing parts ( Unit was not designed with Serviceability in mind) and still do not have a unit that works- Now in the process of disassembling and taking to the JUNK pile.

Terri- Serial number???Dec 16, 2020

Can’t find the serial number, and no warranty card. The pedals are not adjustable. There’s a dial but you can’t see the pedal move. The Manuel doesn’t describe how to adjust pedals.

Marco- Do not buy SoleMar 13, 2021

My unit stopped working after just one year. No support at all in Italy, so now it is just junk