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Sole XG 400 Elliptical Review

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Brief Overview

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Overall Quality

So what is it? It looks like an elliptical in the rear but the front looks like a spin bike. Hold on, it has a hand brake like a road bike. What is it? Enter the Spirit Glide 400 which could best be described as the Caitlin Jenner of ellipticals. As such, the winner of this year's Caitlin award. The heavy flywheel is a must for smooth operation on any elliptical and during moderate use this unit feels OK. However, starting the initial rotation can be a challenge for lighter users in part because of the heavy fly wheel, but mostly due to the poor geometry of the linkage driving the fly wheel. The poor geometry which made the addition of a hand brake necessary to slow down the machine for the user to off load. If you have knee issues be extremely careful on this machine. Always use the brake to slow it down. The machine is light, just over 200lbs. For the money, there are much more stable platforms available at this price point. However, the warranty is strong, holding up the overall score of this unit.


Adjustability 3
Reliability 7
Noise Level 5
Value 2
Warranty 9
Quality 5
Ergonomics 4

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Mark- Smooth and SolidFeb 04, 2020

I worked out on multiple ellipticals prior to purchasing this unit for my home. I preferred it to any elliptical under $8000. I have had no stability problems and the flywheel is no problem. I never use the handbrake, I simply slow down gradually and have no issues.