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New FreeMotion Elliptical Reviews

FreeMotion 530

The Freemotion 530 is a very solid elliptical that is a great value with the addition of Costco's...

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FreeMotion 545

The Freemotion 545 is an OK machine but we would urge you to look at the competition and don't se...

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FreeMotion e5.5

Similar to the NordicTrack E 12.0, the E 5.5 is a solid machine. Before you buy, we would recomm...

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FreeMotion e6.4

The Freemotion e6.4 is a solid machine with an outstanding features package.

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FreeMotion E6.7

The Free Motion e 6.7 is a heavy-duty machine, perfect for larger users!

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Older FreeMotion Reviews

Reviewed in 2015

FreeMotion 11.6

The 11.6 elliptical by FreeMotion gives you a true commercial elliptical in your home at a decent...

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FreeMotion 510

The Freemotion 510 is a heck of a value. All people who have been looking at Gold's Gym for elli...

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FreeMotion 560

The 560 by FreeMotion is not a bad machine but the 545 gives you almost everything you get with t...

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FreeMotion 570

The Freemotion 570 is a solid quality unit with excellent features and a great warranty. The on...

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FreeMotion 645

The FreeMotion 645 is an excellent deal at $999. While the warranty service at FreeMotion can be...

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FreeMotion 845

The FreeMotion 845 gives you a touchscreen for an additional $300. No other company will give yo...

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FreeMotion E7.7

The e7.7 is probably the best value in the FreeMotion elliptical lineup this year. While you may...

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Reviewed in 2014

FreeMotion F 5.6

The Freemotion F5.6 is a decent quality machine with poor customer service.

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Reviewed in 2013

FreeMotion USA 5.1

The Freemotion version of Nordictrack's Audiostrider 990.

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FreeMotion USA 5.3

A good elliptical that you can buy for $200 less under the Nordictrack brand name.

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Reviewed in 2011

FreeMotion 500

A decent machine but there are much better values for the money. Frankly, we expected more from ...

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FreeMotion F 5.8

A cross between an elliptical and a stepper makes this a unique exercise.

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FreeMotion S 5.6

A cross between an elliptical and a stepper makes this a unique exercise. Don't fool yourself, th...

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Reviewed in 2010

FreeMotion e5.3

We often wonder if Freemotion seriously expects consumers to buy this machine. This unit is not w...

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FreeMotion e7.5

One of the better values on the elliptical market and our 2010 Best Buy winner for the $2000 to $...

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FreeMotion s5.8

This is a workout only a masochist could love! Buy the s5.6 or the s7.8 if you like this machine'...

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FreeMotion s7.8

The top of the line masochist workout! The new strider design has a unique adjustable motion.

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Who Manufacturers FreeMotion Ellipticals?

General Information:Freemotion was acquired by Icon around the turn of the century and at that time was, unfortunately, named Ground Zero Fitness. Needless to say, the name had to be changed so they changed it to Freemotion, which was the name their strength product at the time. It was a successful changeover and many clubs swear by their Freemotion units. For the home, the quality is on par with NordicTrack which is good.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Have you ever watched the refresh of Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson? It shows the Universe and how different physics work throughout space. Icon, the maker of Freemotion, is the major player in the fitness cosmos. Put simply, their machines have the best design in the business. Icon has a long, storied history that provides an example of how the big keep getting bigger. Icon used to be the mass-market darling because of their cheap prices but now they have quality to match and the units are packed with features. Icon can have spotty customer service but it seems like other than the very high priced units, everyone is in a race to the bottom regarding service quality.

Company Outlook : Icon is the largest fitness equipment producer in the world with over $1 billion in sales. If the fitness industry were a solar system, Icon is so powerful that they would be the Sun. Although you get a great value price for the product, you also get value service so keep this in mind when buying their machines. We don't get nearly as many complaints about Icon's service as we have in the past. Due to the sheer number of units they produce, we pick up support in many cases where this factory leaves off.