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FreeMotion 560 Elliptical Review

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Brief Overview

The 560 by FreeMotion is not a bad machine but the 545 gives you almost everything you get with the 560, but for less money. The Freemotion 560 is a decent design that finds itself plagued by manufacturing and assembly issues. Couple that with Freemotion's poor customer service and it makes us have to recommend that you pass on this machine.

Overall Quality

The 560 is durable, has excellent features, and has a decent eclipse motion for the user. It also has a below-average warranty and a warranty fulfillment system that will make you want to kill yourself if you ever have to use it. I would think twice about buying this machine. The negatives here really outweigh the positives in buying this machine.


Adjustability 4
Reliability 5
Noise Level 4
Value 4
Warranty 2
Quality 5
Ergonomics 5

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