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FreeMotion s7.8 Elliptical Review

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Brief Overview

The top of the line masochist workout! The new strider design has a unique adjustable motion.

Overall Quality

If you are a person that wants to have the greatest ass known to man, then this is your machine. Just remember that greatest doesn't come easy and that is especially true with this machine. Like the Iron Maiden during medieval times helped people lose weight, the s7.8 will help you get a great butt! The s7.8 strider/elliptical is Freemotion Fitness's attempt at creating a new fitness equipment category that everyone will jump on to. I don't know if this is it, but the adaptable stride motion, that is similar to commercial units produced by Lifefitness and Precor has some merit. Time will tell if this is the next hot item.


Adjustability 9
Reliability 7
Noise Level 6
Value 3
Warranty 8
Quality 7
Ergonomics 6

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