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Yowza Sebring Treadmill Review - $1,199.00

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If you need a compact treadmill and can't afford the big bucks it takes to get a True Z Series, this is your best choice! Good feel for a machine in an incredibly competitive price point. For a full size treadmill, it is very space efficient. Although it has a compact size, it is well built. Yowza cut the price on this model which makes it more competitive. When you compare it with what NordicTrack and Proform make in this price range, you might forget about Yowza but you need to keep in mind that the Icon factory prices their products in such a way that they simply are unable to service them and that's where Yowza and companies like them come in. You don't get as much for your money as you do with an Icon machine but you also don't have to sacrifice your firstborn in order to get service relief.

2017 yowza sebring treadmill
2017 yowza sebring treadmill
Number of Programs 9
Heart Rate Sensor and Type Heart Rate Control
Horsepower 3
Speed Range .5 - 11
Incline/Decline Range 0 - 12
Weight Capacity 300 Lbs
Belt Size 20 x 55
Footprint 73 x 33 x 55
Folds Yes
Weight of Unit 188 Lbs
Warranty Lifetime Frame & Motor, 5 Years On Parts & Electronics, 2 Years In-Home Labor

General Information

This brand was started by the person that originally came up with the idea of selling fitness products on the Internet. This was Smooth Fitness and quickly became the biggest seller of what is called �specialty� equipment on the web. A repeat performance caused his ouster from Yowza and the Taiwanese factory behind the brand, Greenmaster, is in full control.

Quality / Philosophy

As many specialty brands, the focus is to make the machines feature rich. Plenty of programming, features, and quality seem to be the direction that Yowza is trying to head. It appears to be approaching things with the original strategy that Smooth used for years which would make sense with plenty of advertising and a big push on the internet.


It will be interesting to see. The company is spending plenty of money on advertising on the Internet and we know how expensive it is to bid high on many of the terms they are using in the world of paid advertising on the web with companies like Google. It seems that most of the companies that were going out of business have done so. We know Yowza has one of the lowest cost structures of any North American brand so their future looks solid.

Customer Reviews Coming Soon!

2017 yowza sebring treadmill