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New Sunny Elliptical Reviews

Sunny SF-E3982 Carbon Programmable Elliptical

The Sunny SF-E3982 Carbon Premium Magnetic Programmable is a basic rear drive elliptical that is ...

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Sunny SF-E3981 Carbon Pro Elliptical

The Sunny SF-E3981 Carbon Pro moves easily out of the way to optimize space saving ability for co...

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Sunny SF-E3955 Magnetic Elliptical

The Sunny SF-E3955 Magnetic Elliptical is designed with a compact frame that easily rolls to the ...

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Sunny SF-E3810 Magnetic Elliptical

The Sunny SF-E3810 Magnetic Elliptical has an upright design with a sleek look that will fit easi...

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Sunny SF-E3903 2 IN 1 Magnetic Elliptical/Upright Bike

The Sunny SF-E3903 2 IN 1 Magnetic Elliptical/Upright Bike is our 2022 4th place Best Buy Winner ...

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Sunny SF-E3919 Premium Cardio Climber

The Sunny SF-E3919 Premium Cardio Climber combines a shorter elliptical motion with a climbing ac...

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Sunny SF-E3912 Magnetic Elliptical

The Sunny SF-E3912 Magnetic Elliptical has a rear drive system and a sturdy frame that has quite ...

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Sunny SF-E3865 Stride Zone with LCD Monitor

Sunny has stepped up their game with the build of the SF-E3865 Stride Zone, making it a strong co...

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Sunny SF-E3875 Motorized Elliptical with Programmable Monitor & HR Monitoring

The Sunny SF-E3875 Motorized Elliptical has a sturdy frame and heavier flywheel offering smooth p...

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Sunny SF-E1405 Flywheel Elliptical Trainer

The Sunny SF-E1405 is a basic start up elliptical trainer best suited for users of the lighter an...

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Older Sunny Reviews

Reviewed in 2017

Sunny SF-E3608

Many people love amazon.com. The unsavory side of Amazon produces machines like the Sunny SF-E30...

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Sunny SF-E3607

It's hard to believe that the buyer for the fitness category at amazon.com is comfortable marketi...

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Sunny SF-E905

The Sunny SF-E905 Magnetic Elliptical is a basic fitness machine meant to appeal to lower weighte...

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Sunny SF-E3628

Never in the history of Treadmill Doctor’s elliptical reviews have we ever had to introduce sub-f...

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Sunny SF-E3609

I don’t know how many times I can write the word “turd” to describe Sunny ellipticals but the SF-...

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Who Manufacturers Sunny Ellipticals?

General Information:Based in Los Angeles, this importer of fitness equipment has been around for over 10 years. They are a big seller of treadmills on the Amazon Marketplace. Their focus is on fitness equipment which is not that common with Amazon sellers.

Manufacturing Philosophy:These are cheap products but they are sold at cheap prices...so, it is what we expected. If you want to say you have a fitness machine at your home and never use it, these will works just as well as the club machines. If you use it, you would be better off getting a $10 or $15 club membership.

Company Outlook : Sunny has been selling these for awhile but we haven't had a demand for parts. Now that Amazon is selling more and more of these, we would think that they will sell a ton of these simply due to the price. We still don't think we will sell many parts for these because they are essentially disposable fitness machines. It breaks, throw it away and buy another.