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Steelflex 2600

A basic treadmill that is overshadowed by the rest of the market. With no support behind it, goo...

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Steelflex 3600

Someone stick a fork in this one?it's done! Ader has told us that they are no longer importing t...

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Steelflex 4600

This one is overdone like my mother's turkey on Thanksgiving. I love my mother but she can overc...

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Steelflex 4800

An average treadmill with a great warranty. The great warranty doesn't do you much good if you c...

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Steelflex 5600 HRC

The Lifetime warranty sings and the rest of the treadmill howls. Seriously, start thinking very ...

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Steelflex 6600 HRC

In the $2500 range, look at Lifefitness, Vision, or Landice, not Steelflex. We have been saying ...

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Older Steelflex Reviews

Reviewed in 2010

Steelflex 6800 HRC

Not much of a story to tell after the Lifetime warranty. You are better off with Vision or Lifef...

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Who Manufacturers Steelflex Treadmills?

General Information:Another import brand that was made in Taiwan and distributed by a sporting goods company in Dallas. These were identical to the Endurance line of treadmills and have a lifetime warranty on all parts. We had heard of acceleration problems where the treadmill would take off to full speed and a recall by Endurance only confirmed that problem and Ader has told us that they are no longer importing the product.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Their design philosophy seemed to be to make a decent product and put a hell of a warranty on it. Not a bad philosophy if the company is around to service the warranty and Ader has been around for quite a while.

Company Outlook : We had questioned the longevity of this brand and it looks like we were right. There are simply too many brands chasing too few customers these days.